People build walls instead of bridges .

October 15, 2010

Ain't anything without you .


GinnyLeeYiJing , (5th October 1996 - 15th October 2010) .
Many people care about you , and many cried over you . Even though we were never close and you didn't like me , I've always wanted to make friends with you and always thought that you were very pretty . I just wished I had the courage to speak to you before :/ . It's really unbelievable that you're gone just like this . I keep going to yur blog and refreshing yur tagboard , hoping that all the tags would just disappear , and I would wake up from this nightmare . Even though I don't know you personally , it's like part of me is gone . Perhaps this indescribable feeling is also due to us having the same chinese name , and my name is even similar to yours (we both have ‘gin’) . Everytime I'm outside , I look for signs to tell me that you're safe . So far , I haven't seen any . But I'm not giving up yet . Please visit yur boyf , family and friends in their dreams . They miss you a lot . And , lastly ,


Those with twitters , please tweet #PrayForGinnyLee and make it a TrendingTopic . It would mean to much to me , Ginny , her family and friends . Thanks !

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