A quarter.

January 23, 2014

My boyfriend is finally one quarter done with his NS! ^-^

I know 25% doesn't seem like a lot because he still has so many more days and months to go but in comparison to when I first downloaded the app a few weeks before his enlistment and the counter was stuck at 0%, 25% is quite an achievement. Yes, I know I am very kiasu and my friend even commented, "why you download so early?! You scared the app run away is it?" HAHAHA.

My boyfriend's enlistment was on 15 August 2013, so he has been serving for 5 months plus already. A lot happened in the 5 months that he got enlisted. One example is that we got together together the weekend right before his field camp :x And I went from having blonde hair to boring brown again (just because my boyfriend said he prefers my brown hair lolol)!

I've been accompanying him to his book in almost every Sunday and I'm very proud to see how much my man has grown. 

The first time I ever sent him in was probably three weeks into his army life;
he was donned in his smart 4, and still had to carry his field pack around.

A little after his POP, he had the chance to carry his own bag instead of his field pack, which he was really proud of HAHA. Every Sunday, he would laugh at the soldiers who still had to carry their field packs around.

 More recently, he has the privilege of being able to book in in civilian clothes. 

I call it a privilege because it is something I will never take for granted. Being able to hug him in public and kiss his cheeks randomly was something I could not do when he still had to book in in his uniform. He did bring me to secluded places so that he can hug me one last time, if time permits. But it still sucked to not be able to hug/kiss him whenever I liked while on the bus.

I guess some things don't change; like how I'm still constantly worried about him. Before his enlistment, I worried about how he was going to adapt; on his enlistment day, I worried about whether he would get along well with his bunkmates and I could only hope for the best (they all got along super well thankfully); after his enlistment I worry about his health, and his emotional well-being. It's just a cycle of endless worrying. There are just so many worries I have that I can never finish listing them down. But he has always been strong despite feeling damn sian about army and I'm very proud of him.

This journey hasn't been easy; we've had a little unhappiness and arguments here and there, and my heart still sinks a little whenever we have to bid goodbye. He gets really frustrated and tired and I always don't know what to do about that. Still, however hard these 1 year 10 months might be, I'm here to stay. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but I know it's gonna be worth it. :)

I'm not sure about how people view us because it is a known fact that NSmen don't have a lot of pay or free time (his weekends are already eaten up by booking in and out). These are the two factors frequently used to determine if a guy is a good boyfriend or not. I've even had classmates who dissed NSmen in front of me because they weren't aware that my boyfriend is doing his NS now.

But my boyfriend's NS has never been a barrier between us. Sure, he gets tired and grumpy sometimes. Sure, he doesn't have a lot of time with me. Sure, his pay isn't a lot. But all these should not and does not define what kind of boyfriend he is. He has been showering me with so much love and care despite his busy schedule, and that shows something. He has given me nothing short of the best in spite of his low salary.

It does suck that we're so busy recently that we no longer spend as much time with each other as when we first got together. But I count my blessings because at least I get to meet him every week. Even though he might not always have time for me because he still has to divide his time between his family, friends, and me, we'll always remind each other that absence makes the hearts grow fonder. And I'm sure things will become a lot easier once he ORD. :)

I don't mean to sound all preachy but I think money shouldn't matter that much in a relationship. At the end of the day, it's really the little things he does that touches my heart. Like how he left me a long text the night before his field camp so that I have something to read (and re-read and re-read lol) before he returns. Or when we had an argument over something so minor it shouldn't even have mattered, he still gave in to me although he didn't agree with me. Or when he allowed me to put Hello Kitty wallpapers in his phone.

One of the things he did that is deeply etched in my memory and touched my heart the most was when he changed his whatsapp status to "You're my motivation." It's nothing much to most people I guess but it means a lot to me. It means so much to me but I have no idea how to explain this. I spent the last 20 minutes typing and backspacing because there are no proper words for me to express this feeling. To know that my boyfriend thinks of me when his army life gets tough... It's just one of the best feelings I ever felt. It means too much to me. I'm really thankful to have him in my life.

And to me, the best time of our relationship thus far was around that period too. Specifically, during his first block leave. Back then, I was having my holidays as well so we met up almost everyday of his block leave. When we cuddled at night and had late night talks, when we went out for a late night movie, when we cuddled more and talked about the future and everything in between, when we went window shopping, when we both weren't so busy with our lives, when we were both so eager to spend more time with each other. It felt like I was living a fairytale. The two nights that I stayed over at his house were the best and the happiest, and nothing can ever replace that.

In addition, one thing that I'm very grateful for is that we still make each other laugh frequently. Whenever we get to meet up, we make fun of each other and laugh a lot. Even though we throw insults at each other regularly, I'm still very much in love and smitten with him; as much as when we first got together. There's so many things he did that made me so happy and all these don't require money at all. Thinking back about all these made me cry wtf. Stupid PMS!!!

In many ways, he's my source of motivation as well. For instance, I love what I'm studying but I really hate poly life. I hate the politics, most of the people, some of the lecturers and the grading system. But I'm always motivated to get through each day with the hope that he will be able to call me at night if he's not that tired. Nothing's better than being able to hear his voice after an exhausting day. :)

It's funny how a year ago I swore that I will never believe in NS relationships again after watching how many of my friends' relationships fall apart after the guy's enlistment. But here I am now, happier than I ever was. Things have a funny way of working themselves out, don't they? :)

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