April 07, 2012

Hi sweeties! :3

I'm sorry that I haven't been updating regularly since the start of school but school has kept my pretty busy recently! To make up for my lack of posts, I've recently started answering Formspring questions again so yup, you guys can ask me anything there!

So, school has been great. In fact, everything is going well and I'm so thankful for everyone in my life right now. I feel so loved every single day and it's like, nobody can ever ruin it for me :D I love it when my plans go well, I love it when everything's okay and I especially love it when I'm happy for absolutely no reason at all ♥

Enough of me talking! Here are a few photos to entertain y'all!

The back of my class!

Photos taken during the day camp:

Day four of the camp was the NoMADic Race which drained all of our energy. Even though we didn't win, our class started to become closer and bonded more, which in my opinion, is better than any prize we can ever have.

Last Saturday, I went out with some of my classmates to catch the Hunger Games! And if you guy noticed, I've cut my hair short because my long hair had already reached my butt so it takes super long for it to dry and I don't have the time to dry it. I cut my hair on impulse. It was just like, "Ok my hair is too long and I think I should cut it." Before I know it, the hairdresser was already snipping off my hair. I miss my long hair and everyone says I look better with the long hair so I guess I'll grow it long again hahaha.

I brought my camera to school on Monday and Wednesday for DNT and of course, we started to spam photos during the lunch break!

Domokun pluggy that Kuanwee gave me! :D

Met up with my bbgirl the other day and we had a heart-to-heart talk. ♥♥♥ She has always been there for me to talk to even though we don't always text or talk much because I'm always busy.

That's all! Till next time, X0X0.

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