All you need is time.

May 15, 2012

All it takes is time. When someone says, "I'll never ever be able to get over him/her," that is absolutely false. In time, you will learn to let go and move on. Accept whatever happened to you, take it as a positive experience, and use it to start a new chapter in life. That's part of transition. Don't ever say you can't or never will because that just means you're not even trying.

A new beginning will unfold and some of the greatest happenings in life will result from big changes like this. So stop sulking over what can't be changed or dwell on the past because that will only hold you back. Take a deep breath, say goodbye to history, and move on forward. That's the secret to happiness.

What is wrong will be right. What is pain will be joy. What is sick will be healthy. What is rough will be smooth. And what is lost will be found. All you need is time.

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