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December 14, 2012

In the blink of an eye, it's already December. I'm wondering if 2012 even happened at all - time flies by so fast. Last year, this time, I was just lazing around at home, wondering if I can even pass my O Levels. Now, I'm done with my O Levels and I'm just anxiously waiting for my results.

Life has been REAL boring for me as it's just work work work. Like they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I feel just like that right now. So anyway, seeing how this December started, I feel like it it's is gonna be a kick ass one and I better be ready!!! ^.^

I met up with Yingying at Compass Point the other day to pass her her earrings which was sent to my house and at the same time, meet up with bby and accompany Bad Luck Yihong for dinner. More about his bad luck later XD

After bby headed back to work, Yingying and I decided to go to the Sculpture Park to camwhore coz we couldn't find a place in Compass Point.

Ootd. I'm too lazy to type out where I got my items from individually but EVERYTHING on me is brought online and is below $15.

I knocked into something on my way down which explains my awkward hands. No, I am not trying to be a model LOL.

Yingying bleached and coloured her hair the day before and it's so pretty I'm jelly :(

We waited very long for the LRT to come so that I can take a photo with it hahahaha!

Our failed jump shot HAHAHAHA.

Just look at our crazy hair LOLOLOL.

I don't know how can Yingying look like :D when's she's jumping but I look like XD -___-

Lollipop Yingying HAHAHAHAHA.

We then headed back to Compass Point to join Yihong for dinner as he has been eating alone because he's the only one that is of a different shift from us LOL. Not only that, because he's a different shift, he will not receive the free gifts from Metro for Chirstmas and New Year as only those in afternoon shift the day before will get the gifts. There's still other reasons as to why he's Bad Luck Yihong but I'm too lazy to list them down lolol.

Bad luck Yihong and me!

After Yihong went back to work, we shopped around Metro (IKR, work at Metro and still shop at Metro wtf) and I found out that they sell Justin Bieber's Someday there! HYPERVENTILATES!!! But I didn't buy it in the end because I wanted to wait for my pay first. My mommy then called and I bid goodbye to Yingying and headed over to meet up with my family from Malaysia.

It was a tiring but fruitful day. There's  so many more things I'm looking forward to in December! I absolutely can't wait!!!

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