Never hurt the heart that loves you.

September 05, 2009

Suddenly remembered my P5 years. Super funny at th thought of it. My hair, my style of clothes, th bags I use, & everything else! Maybe 2 years later, looking back, I'll be laughing at myself now too.
Just some random thoughts.

Today didn't even feel like waking up. Super tired -.- Eventually dragged myself out of bed & realised I sure late already. So I slowly went t pack my music notes & bath then change into my choir tee. Combed my hair before heading off t school. Endup, I wasn't th latest. and I didn't even get scolding for being late. Coz MR LIM IS EVEN LATER! Anyway, crapped a lot & did warmups before heading t Coral Sec. Had icebreaker, sang & dance. -- end --

我努力想起你笑着哭泣. 让自己深爱你再学会放弃; 我不想忘记你. 就算可以, 我宁可记得所有伤心. 我努力想起你苦也没关系, 用祝福和感激勇敢失去你. 爱你这个决定虽然艰辛,我不说对不起. 

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