Bliss or bleak

August 28, 2011

If looking back at memories makes you smile then you're welcome to look.
However, if it does nothing but makes you cry, you're better off moving forward.

I may have chosen the longer, more painful route. But I chose it. Appreciate my choice. I believe in fate. What's in store for me, will be mine.

I've been feeling really down the past week. However, here's something sweet that my best friend did for me that made me laugh.

If it's because of her eyes or her lips or her great body, its not love, its lust.
If it's because of her intelligence or insights into life, it's not love, it's admiration.
If it's because she cries every time you try to leave, it's not love, its pity.
If its because she makes you forget to study and sleep, its not love, its infatuation.
Love is when you don't know why you seem to be attracted to a person. It has a reason but it is unknown.

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