How to get your USS Student Season Pass at a discounted price

September 18, 2016

I'm even exaggerating when I say Universal Sudios Singapore has been my second home for years — with its affordable student season pass priced at S$88 (usual one day pass price for adults: S$74), it's not hard to see why USS was my favourite hangout as a student. But what I didn't know was how I could get the student season pass at a discounted price, way cheaper than it's usual price. Life hack courtesy of my BFF who's as cheapskate as me. If you're an adult, here's how you can get your pass for a discount too!

First, you have to understand the two usual ways of purchasing the RWS' Student Attraction Season Pass (be it Universal Studios Singapore, SEA Aquarium or Adventure Cove):

  1. You go to the ticketing booth, ask for the student season pass directly and pay S$88 OR
  2. You purchase a one day pass at S$74, go in, enjoy yourself, decide you absolutely need to come back another time so you go to the visitor's center and request to upgrade your day pass to a season pass for an additional S$14.

Leveraging on the second option, here's how my BFF got her USS student season pass for approximately S$14 cheaper in two simple steps. That's one bowl of bingsu, y'all.

1) Buy your USS tickets online

USS tickets are generally cheaper online so grab your tickets online first. Another plus point is that you don't have to queue up at ticketing booths on peak days if you've already gotten your tickets beforehand.

Note: I'm not sure if getting those USS tickets on Carousell works because I think some of the tickets sold on Carousell are staff tickets and staff tickets might not be eligible for this promotion.

I'd recommend purchasing your USS tickets from tour providers like the one my BFF used because e-commerce platforms are generally fairly simple to use — pick your preferred date, number of tickets, make your payment, get your e-tickets. My best friend got her USS tickets here (click) if you're interested.

2) Upgrade to student season pass before you leave USS

You'll be required to pay S$14, which is the price difference between a USS student season pass and usual price of an adult USS one day pass.

Scenario A:
You purchased your USS tickets at RWS' ticketing booth for S$74, you top up S$14, bringing the TOTAL price of your USS student season pass to S$88.

Scenario B:
You purchased your USS tickets online for S$60, you top up S$14, bringing the TOTAL price of your USS student season pass to only S$74, saving you $14!

Membership privileges as a season pass holder

As mentioned, my BFF got her USS tickets from KKday, a tried and tested method by her — I can't guarantee if this discount works with other tour providers because they don't all provide the same e-tickets. Your best bet, if you aren't a risk-taker, is getting tickets from KKday as well.

Go forth and enjoy your unlimited entries to USS for six months!

Drop me an email at or leave me a question on askfm if you have any enquires regarding this post :)

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thank you sharing this informative blog on the uss student pass. Education is gradually becoming expensive. Students are having a hard managing their finances. This superb pass will really help cash strapped students save a lot of their pocket money.

  3. I read in the terms n conditions that the kkday's online ticket is only for tourist? Not for singaporeans?

    1. Hello there! My friends who tried it out are all Singaporeans, and it worked fine for them so I don't think you need to worry about that :)

  4. hey , will it still be possible to upgrade to season pass even if youve left uss a month alrdy? and u still have the one day pass?

    1. Hey there! I don't think so. You will have to repurchase and upgrade on that day itself :)

  5. Hello, sorry but this is my 3rd time commenting but I just can’t see my comment appearing. So I apologise if my comment has been spamming your account. I just wonder why the tickets on both kkday and voyagin are now S$68 instead of S$60? Is it because only certain credit cards will enjoy special discounts for the tickets?

    1. Hey :) I'm guessing the agreement with USS ended for all the online travel agencies, which explains why both companies hanged their pricings.

  6. Oh okay, thank you for replying!

  7. hi, is this season pass can use for student from malaysia/indonesia ?