Instagram removed its photo map and I'm heartbroken

September 03, 2016

Instagram has been on a roll lately (hurhur no pun intended) with its new features, algorithm-driven feed, business profiles, Insta stories and now, Instagram is beginning to remove some of its "less used features" as well. and that feature happens to be my favourite on Instagram — Photo Maps.

Instagram then VS Instagram now (third button for "my maps" is now missing)

It's my favourite feature since I started travelling this year because I liked occasionally browsing through my travel photos and slowly filling up my photo map. I even once tweeted that I can't wait to fill up my Instagram's map but I guess now that dream is shattered :(

A quick check online showed that I'm not the only one sadden by this sudden change but it seems like complaining won't help either. While I understand this could be for the safety of the general public who tagged their homes but why should we be responsible for their, for a lack of a better word, stupidity?! Ugh.

I'm sure no amount of whining or complaining will bring our maps back considering how Instagram was so adamant about the algorithm timeline even though it caused a huge uproar. I only wish they issued a statement before hand so I could have captured a screenshot of my maps before it was removed.

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