How to change your name in Singapore and why I changed mine

September 24, 2016

For some private family reasons, my mom wanted me to change my name so began a process of finding a lawyer, getting paper work done etc. I haven't announced my new name anywhere yet other than formally changing my work email but I've been slowly making the changes on my various social media accounts, which some of you have noticed. Here's an official blog post documenting this huge change in my life, and a guide on how to change your name in Singapore, in case anyone is interested.

I went by Regine Pek Yi Jing the past few years I've been online BUT that was never my official full name. I never had a Chinese name in my IC and I didn't like the way my name was written in my IC either. The initial plan was simply to add my Chinese name into my official name but due some family issues, along with the fact that I never particularly liked my English name, I removed Regine officially.

I actually toyed with the idea of changing my English name instead of removing it but I supposed that would bring inconvenience to the people around me if they have to call me by a new name. Without a new English name on my official documents, I can still always go by Regine if the situation calls for it.

Currently, most of my friends already call me by my Chinese name or simply by my surname so that's not a huge problem. My colleagues in Singapore still call me Regine, which I'm fine with too, because I guess that's easier than having to awkwardly call me by my Chinese name.

As for my Chinese name, my former Chinese name was 白宜靜, which I grew really fond of because I always felt I shared special affinity with some people with that name, however delusional that sounds hahaha. Therefore, I chose to retain the pronunciation and only had the middle character changed.

I now go by Pek Yi Tsing (白怡靜). which makes Pekyj irrelevant since it's technically Pekyt now hahaha, but hanyu pinyin wise I'm still Pekyj. Tsing instead of Jing because I didn't like how yijing looks with too many dots hahahha. Tsing also reflects my Hokkien roots, which I've always been proud of.

Strictly speaking, 靜 would translate to ceng in Penang Hokkien (which I speak) but I'm not a fan of the initials since it's similar to one of my ex's initials wth. I briefly contemplated Yi Zeng since that's how ceng sounds like anyway but I thought the name looks a little too masculine for my liking so I ended up going with the alternative spelling of the Hokkien version of Jing, which is Tsing.

So there you go, a boring explanation of how I went from Regine Pek to Pek Yi Tsing. It sure feels like I'm running away from the law going through invisalign treatment, LASIK (will write about this another day) and name change in a span of two years, and I'd love to write an exciting story as well, but I'm afraid the reason behind my name change is surprisingly straightforward and mundane.

How to change your name in Singapore?

The process was astonishingly simple and quick.
  1. Decide on your new name.
  2. Find a lawyer to get your deed poll done up, about $70-150, depending on your lawyer. Email me if you want the contact of my lawyer; alternatively, Deed Poll Singapore helps Singaporeans find low-priced lawyers to conduct deed polls in Singapore.
  3. Book an appointment with your lawyer to sign your deed poll. (If you're below 21, you'll need the signatures of BOTH your parents even if they're divorced)
  4. And you're done!
After which, you'll have to:
  • Apply for new IC, $60 (you can do so online and it took them only 3 days to process mine)
  • Inform the Immigration so that you'll get a new passport, $70 (your new passport will have an extra 8 months validity, don't ask me why)
  • Bring your new documents to banks, your company's HR etc. to settle all the paperwork
The name change was simple and quick, it was all the paperwork that I had to settle days before my LASIK that worried me endlessly. But now that almost everything's done with, I can finally announce my official new name!

P.S. I am now contactable at :)

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  1. May I know how long it would take for the lawyer to do the necessary for change of name please? Thank you.

  2. Hey! how long was the total process?

    1. If you're talking about name change, it's immediate.

  3. Hi may I know if it's legal to remain as the old name till the passport due for renewal in 2 yrs'time as long as booking of air tickets tally with the name on the passport? Thanks

  4. Hi! How about your documents such as your o level cert, birth cert, etc? Did you have them reprinted with your current name? Thanks!