Cheap Massage in East Singapore — Stella Wellness Centre Massage Review

February 20, 2017

Due to bad sitting posture and long hours of sitting down, I faced severe neck and shoulder aches ever since I started office jobs in 2015 — cured only by constant massages but massages are always a hit or miss, depending on the skills of your masseuse. I enjoy going for massages in Malaysia, Thailand or even Taiwan but haven't found a massage parlor to my liking in Singapore, so I was delighted when Stella Wellness Centre offered me a full body massage session!

Stella Wellness Centre is situated in Village Hotel Changi, away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Singapore. While I heard from the masseuses that most of their customers found Changi a deserted area, I actually enjoyed my short travel there! It helped that Village Hotel Changi is near the new Changi Point Ferry Terminal, making my short massage trip feel like a relaxing staycation or weekend getaway instead.

The receptionist quickly attended to me when I stepped into Stella Wellness Centre. After registration, I was led to a private room for me to change while my masseuses prepared a drink — hot ginger tea — for me.

Cosy private massage room in Stella Wellness Centre

After a short discussion with the masseuses at Stella Wellness Centre, we decided on a 90-minute Aromatherapy Full Body Massage, which also consisted of a hot stone massage.

Shower facilities at Stella Wellness Centre

I showered before I reached the Stella Wellness Centre, but if you haven't, you can take a quick shower there!

Room in Stella Wellness Centre lighted up by fairy lights and lamps

Other than loving the relaxing vibe in Stella Wellness Centre, I have nothing but praises for my masseuses, Soda and Keke! They were extremely professional and skilled in helping me alleviate some strains that have been haunting me for years.

A few minutes and Soda and Keke identified the biggest issue I had: stiff neck and aching shoulders. I was beyond impressed, because even some of the massage parlours and spas I visited in Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan didn't identify my problems right away.

Private locker with key to keep my valuables

After a short traditional body massage, Soda and Keke started applying the essential oil to begin my aromatherapy. I didn't want to fall asleep and wake up missing a large part of this relaxing experience with Stella Wellness Centre but it got increasing difficult to stay awake as the full body massage carried on.

Hot ginger tea provided by Stella Wellness Centre

When Soda and Keke finished my aroma massage, they began using hot stones on my body to soothe my muscles. I was initially worried about the heat being too much for my body, but the masseuses were professional, and they made sure that I was comfortable with the temperature, checking with me every now and then.

Relaxing massages at Stella Wellness Centre

With my permission, Soda and Keke also performed Chi Nei Tsang — a typed of abdominal massage commonly practiced in China — on me. Chi Nei Tsang is meant to rejuvenate your internal organs through detoxing your body, and I could really feel the difference in my breathing after the massage!

Soda and Keke of Stella Wellness Centre

Thank you for having me, Stella Wellness Centre!

Stella Wellness Centre at Village Hotel Changi

Stella Wellness Centre (Facebook)

No.1 Netheravon Road, #01-03A 
Village Hotel Changi
Singapore 508502

6542 3303

Opening Hours
11am to 11pm

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