Tougher than you

June 14, 2012

Hi guys!!!

How has life been treating you these few days? Firstly, apologies for not updating for so long! I've been real busy with school recently. I got back my report cards a few weeks back and my L1R4 is 22 this time round and I only failed my Science (expected lolol). It's really a miracle how I managed to turn things around in such a short period of time. My L1R4 for the last Mid-year exams was 39 and subsequently, 30, for the End-of-year exams. Trust me when I said that I worked really hard for what I've achieved.

Even so, I didn't expect myself to do so well for my MYE. I topped the class for English, Maths and SS. Anyway, my main point is... I'm just bragging la hahahaha so annoying right. But well, at least this made me smile for awhile. The road is going to be even tougher once school reopen, but *starts singing* whenever you know me down, I will not stay on the ground~ Haha, yes I am that lame these few days.

Will update again soon!

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