Graduation Day 2012 with 4E5 ♡

October 13, 2012

After 4 years in Greendale Secondary, we've finally graduated. In a blink of an eye, it's over. A month ago, I was looking forward to graduation day as it's a day for us to relax and forget about O Levels for a few hours. But today, as I sit before my laptop watching the video I made hours before, memories come flooding back to me.

Throughout these four years, I've learnt things that can't be taught during lesson time. I've learnt the importance of cherishing people around you. I've learnt to not give up on myself, even when other people told me I can't do this or that. I've learnt to believe in myself and in my own abilities, which is actually the motto of my class this year. These memories, good or bad, would remain in my heart.

I've watched many people change in this four years, be it for the better or for the worse. I've made great friends along the way, lost some, and eventually recovered some friendships as well. Tears were shed along the way, but there were definitely more laughter than tears.

I don't know what the future holds but all I know is that I'm so excited for post-secondary school life since it means new school, new environment and new things to discover. Yet ironically, I don't wanna bid the old stuffs. I miss my old school, the old environment which I spent four years at, and the people in there, so deeply etched in my memory as I grow up.

I don't remember much of my Sec 1 life, only that I was so afraid of school at the start. Moving on to Sec 2,  I met wonderful friends and classmates, and honestly Sec 2 life still lives in me till now. Sec 3 was okay, I guess. Friendships with my best friends were fucked over because of one small misunderstanding but I made new friends eventually and I got together with Z. Sec 4 was meant for mere mugging and mugging and mugging, no time for fun, laughter and bonding time. Yet, this was the year when my class bonded more and helped each other out. We had lots of laughter and gossip sessions. Overall, I had lots of fun in GDLSS, undergoing the process of growing up, meeting people, accepting the fact that friends come and go. 

I wanna thank the people who played a part in my life to make a difference. It would take me far too long to name each and everyone of them but still, I would like to thank you guys for being with me even though it might be at a different phase of my life. Things wouldn't been the same if not for all of your presence, molding things the way it is now.

Last but not least, my beloved bby. If not for him for all these while, I wouldn't be here. He has always given me the support I needed, encouraging me when I felt down and being there to give me a hug when I need it.

This year round, I've gone through far too much that words can't express. Lots of memories, sweet, bitter, sour ones. Be it whatever they did, whoever they were, they helped me to be who I am now, teaching me the life values, build up my character and emphasized my moral values and principles.

Indeed, I served, led, and excelled.



So I arrived with Benedict earlier so as to rehearse walking into the hall O.O It sounds weird and dumb but it was really complicated and I was soooooo stressed because we all know how much of a clumsy person I am. We then gathered the class and made them line up in two rows. It was kind of tiring as I am rather vertically challenged and I had to keep on jumping so that they could see where am I. On a side note, I've always wanted to stand at a particular place and just keep on calling out to a particular group like a tour guide would. I accomplished it today LOLOL.


After we walked in to the hall and sat down (no embarrassing moments of me tripping over my own leg thankfully), the performances began. I don't have pictures of it because as I've said, I'm short and apparently, the organisers didn't think of all the shorties when they planned this seating arrangement. Short people problems. But I enjoyed myself thoroughly and was on a verge of crying almost the whole time :'(. Yes, I am a crybaby.

Tingyi being shy because her video was on screen and Jacinta being photogenic, as always.

The class chairpersons and vice-chairpersons had to go up on the stage to lead the school song!

We got out from the hall, hi-fiving lots of teachers on the way (great feeling- I felt like a superstar) and proceeded to the canteen for some food.

Tingyi and me being super amused over something which I totally forgot O.O

The Vice-Principal came over to took photos with us!

He went "Cheeseeeeeeee" when we took this photo! So funny :'D

We bought a cake to celebrate our graduation and coincidentally, Mr Halim's birthday is approaching so we sang a birthday song for him!

Despite being cheap, the cake was SUPER MAJOR YUMS!

Mildred, my friend for four years, who towers over Zhiyun and me TToTT

Joycelyn was sleeping so soundly we couldn't wake her up to take photos with us so we ended up doing this LOLOL.

Gifts received today!

From our FT and CFT, Mr Halim and Ms Yue respectively. Each gift has a special meaning behind it. Like awwwww

The thumb drive, meant to contain our Secondary School memories. Mine was actually Angry Bird but people around me were all shouting to me that Minyi has a Hello Kitty so I ran over to her and asked if she could exchange with me. After the exchange, I got so excited, I jumped up and did a yell, which attracted the stares of many people. Sighs, when will I ever grow up?

Ferrero Rocher (I can't spell this shit right even if it costs my life) from Jacinta.

Compass from the school and a note from Mr Halim. I was complaining about how they didn't bother to photoshop away my pimples TT^TT But still, it's one of my best EZ-Link card photos everrrrrr so I don't really have much to complain about.

Hello Kitty pen in Hello Kitty plastic bag with a pink card from Mildred! She's so nice I swear :') What have I done to deserve friends and teachers like these? By the way, do check out Mildred's blog (click!) - she just started blogging and she writes really really well. You just have to check out her blog!!!

Our traditional/inside joke JA pose that got cut off :(

Our mini "clique". ♡ ♡ ♡

Class photo with those who were still around! ♡

I've known all of these guys for at least 4 years and they were always there to comfort me, text me when I'm sad, and give me advices no matter how stupid the advices may sound. ♡

4E5'2012, we made it!

Well, all of you have received cards/notes from me and I hope all of you have read it.
Those cards/notes contains what I really really want to tell you guys.
And also, I hope that all of us would be able to move on to tertiary education after this.
We may be the tail-end express class, but that doesn't determine our results.
That doesn't mean that we can't do well. Because WE CAN.
Believe in yourselves. Work hard and be positive.
I love you guys so much. X♡X♡

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