Final year, final chance.

May 02, 2015

School has been a nothing but a frantic rush for me in my third and final year of Mass Communication and much as I hate to say it, this blog might have to take a pause for now. It's not to say that I've lost my passion for writing (or ranting), it's just that I can no longer find it in me to update twice or thrice weekly anymore. It's not as if I no longer have the luxury of time, I still do but I'd rather use that time to read some books and do some revision of school work; something that's benefits my education and future career path.

My creative juices have been running dry; I used to get inspired by the books I read but I can hardly find time to read now. The lack of inspiration has never been more worrying than now because that's just what I need, especially when I'm taking a Creative Writing module which requires me to write poetry - something I'm not quite sure I'm well-versed in so I need to focus my energy on improving and creating better content before I dare show it to the world.

It's my final year. I'm so close to getting the diploma of my dreams. I want to do things right in the final year, cherish the chances I've been blessed with, excel in the modules that I've picked out myself and graduate without any regrets - even if it means that I have to stop updating so much. Or fretting over not updating. 

I'll still write, and even post a poem or two, but I cannot promise that I'll write as frequently as I used to. I still love this little space of mine and I'll never give it up but I believe taking things slow now can only benefit both my blog and myself in the long run.

And I'm sorry I've been only talking about my school life recently which must have been boring for everyone else but this is really what my life is all about now - to get that diploma as soon as possible so that I can begin working and lighten my mom's burden. Nonetheless, I promise to come up with some better verbal diarrhea real soon!

Let this be the start of my Monday Musings series because the most I can now is promise that I'll update once a week. I know today isn't Monday but I just want to get the word out because I just checked my stats and was shocked that there were still visitors on this dead blog haha. Till then! :-)

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  1. Teach me how to write a love poem leh, LOL. Thank you in advance!

    1. HAHAHA trust me I'm struggling as well T_T wish I could help HAHA