99 Percent Hair Studio: Scalp and Hair Treatment Review

July 01, 2017

Nicole from 99 Percent Hair Studio has been taking care of my hair for the last four months. A lot of my friends, upon seeing the crazy bleaching and dyeing I put my hair through, requested to touch my hair and were pleasantly surprised by how soft my hair still is! I previously dyed my hair a lot on my own and of course, my skills can't be compared to the professionals at 99 Percent Hair Studio and that caused a lot of damage on my hair.

This time, Nicole also identified my scalp problems and customised a scalp and hair treatment for me in preparation for the potential bleaching next month when I change my hair colour. As I face the problem of oily and flakey scalp, Nicole suggested the treatment to reduce clogged pores on my scalp. It's important to do scalp treatment regularly to prevent hair fall problems — the effects of hairfall might not be obvious when we're young but hair fall problems can become increasingly worse as we grow older, resulting in receeding hairline when we age.

Nicole first applied an exfoliating gel treatment, leaving it in for a while. The exfoliating gel, meant to soften the dead cells in my scap for easy removal, gave my scalp a cooling sensation. After which, Nicole gave me a good scalp massage to ensure that my scalp absorbed in the goodness of the exfoliating gel treatment!

After washing my hair, Nicole applied a moisturising mask as hair treatment to my hair because my hair is, expectedly, damaged due to all the bleaching I put it through.

Then finally, after washing off the hair mask, Nicole applied anti hair fall serums on me, which smells amazing! I couldn't stop smelling my hair on my way back because it smelt sooo good ^_^

After the hair treatment, I wasn't supposed to wash my hair for 24 hours. Nicole also shared with me some tips on how to keep my hair shiny and healthy, and how to solve my scalp and hair problems. She cautioned that I might see some flakey dead skin in the next few days, which will be a normal occurence as the scalp treatment was meant to remove my dead skin cells. It's day 4 now, and from my observations, the effect is minimal, definitely not enough for my colleagues to question my scalp problems or even notice.

Doing treatment to your scalp and hair is essential considering you'll be spending your entire life with your hair. The amount of damage we do to our scalp and hair by just going into the sun everyday is unbelievable! If you bleach or dye your hair a lot like me, the condition of your scalp and hair is definitely worse than most people, therefore, a reguar scalp treament is essential to ensure that you don't face hair fall problems when you grow older.

All you have to do is to sit down for an hour doing your own thing and 99 Percent Hair Studio will work their magic on you. Ta-da, you'll have healthy scalp and hair!

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