Wellness Box from The Wellness Insider (July/August 2017)

August 06, 2017

Eating healthy is a craze that has been taking over Singapore for a while now — rightfully so too, with reports on Singaporeans gaining at least 4kg from entering the workforce. I am, of course, not spared from the statistics, forcing myself to give up fried food in an attempt for a healthier lifestyle.

Wellness Box is a monthly subscription started by The Wellness Insider to encourage Singaporeans to eat healthily. Countrary to popular belief, healthy eating isn't as troublesome as you think it is and Wellness Box proves just that, with $150 worth of products and vouchers sent to your doorstep monthly.

My favourite part of Wellness Box is that it'll be personalised to you based on surveys you complete after every month, making each Wellness Box you receive even more of a pleasant surprise as months go by.

Here's what's in my Wellness Box this month (clockwise from left to right):
  • Naturel organic brown and red rice — high in dietary fibre and calcium
  • Perfume sample — smells light and great, but more than half of it spilled out :(
  • Burdock & Neem sample — 100% vegan and natural shampoo
  • Cocomax — 100% coconut water, super yummy!
  • CocoVeda — Coconut sap sugar, a better alternative to white sugar

There's also a variety of vouchers inside my Wellness Box

Wellness Box costs $20/month and part of every Wellness Box's profits will be noted to charity. Purchase your Wellness Box here!

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