6P class gathering

June 17, 2009

Tday woke up at about 8am then sms WanYi & go bathe. Then comb hair & stuff then pack bag and charge handphone and went out t meet WanYi.
I sit LRT one minute arrive liao -.-! Ended up waiting for her like, 5min. Lol.

attire for th day [:
Then after that we went down t th bus stop t wait. Apparently, we were the first t arrive. Then saw Aloysius, Jacky & Syamil. Haha. Syamil hairstyle is totally...! Aloysius the peacock(: HAHAHA. Then we saw Brenda. Then YeeYing together with XinTing. Then TYY so ba kua, keep asking me about my ring -.- Then after that Jacky give me that Jarod article *highs* & we went t wait for bus 3. Wait dman long then come liao. Alughted at th interchange & started walking t Downtown East.

- On th way there.
My hair looks brownnnn(: {That's why I get accused of dying hair}

Arrived at Downtown East then we went t McDonald & I was whining t Aloysius how I wnated a HappyMeal toy .__. In th end WanYi&me share HappyMeal. the hotcake dman niceeee okay(: Then we went PasirRis Park. Brenda&Judy wanted t scream at th beach, while th guys wna go jogging (-.-!). In th end WanYi&me decided t follow th guys who led us on a wild goose chase -.-! We gave up and decided t go
kbox kbox kbox!
WEEEE(!!) *Highs*
Before that, we tried taking JUMPSHOTS. All failed luh -.-
& I had this idea t go down th lift while she takes photo of me(!)

Retarded(!!) With many stares -.-!
Then we finally made up our mind t go in!
At first very paiseh like that, then we all like don't dare sing plus cannot find song & dno how. But after a while we started highing, jump around, jump on sofa & scream & sang like nobody's business. Cool yoh.

Took damn lots of videos. But WanYi don't allow me t upload them, don't worry, I'll upload them tomorrow, when I'm free & let you all da kai yan jie. Let your eardrums burst & glass shatter (Especially with our 'Girlfriend' - completely lifeless yoh!)
Then we went t WhiteSands t shop + find TYY. Then wehn we going up 3rd floor, guess what, I saw Benita! Then I was like highing & keep saying "BENITA LEH!" I was so high I almost wanted t called out t her. Lucky I didn't. It would be such an embarrassment .__." She look pretty in real life please! Found TYY they all & we decided t take neoprints.
We waited very long for our turn & guessed what RetardTREE&me did?(:

- Th almighty us!(:
Took photos & while waiting for them t deco,

Then we went "dinner". I bought doughnuts, WanYi also. Then I go kopitiam, see that sandwhich, damn tempting so I buy again. WanYi went KFC t eat snackers! She give me some french fries (: Then we walked t Downtown East again -.-!
And that's th end!(: (: (:


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