Fort Canning Park with my classmates

May 29, 2009

27May09 went to Fort Canning Park. Fun, but tiring, I guess. On th bus sat with Mildred(: Damn funny. i was gna fall asleep when ChinHao waved at me and said, "Hello, Hello, don't Sleep!"But he was like, waving outside th window instead. Then got one Angmoh on a bus go wave back t him sia! HAHa, then me&Mildred laugh till cannot stop x; JingHeng saw th hippo bus then he went "TOPLESS SIA! TOPLESS SIA!" Then we xiang wai -.-!

In th end, slacked and took loads of photographs. Waiting for them t send me (: Got oen door that leads t a staircase. Then th boys go in see. Then we push th door closeand they cannot come out. Haha.When we all went up, took loads of photos. But want come down that time, got a lot people keep coming up! Wth x; Wait till very long. Then when MrKoh climbing halfway, SzeYong put his leg there and block him. Lols, then MrKoh go pull his leg. Haha.

Took photo with MsWong & class photos. So many cameras, we ran out of poses. Ater that, had "bonding" session with MsWong. Funny, she is from LoyangSec. Same as shawn. MrShawny, I've found your senior. HAHA. After that walked a while but actually is slack luh, never do the worsheet anyway x; Then dno who go make all th ants come out sia! Disgusting! Then I damn scared liao don't dare walk past, AlvinW still disiao me! Then they kick to me. Then I scream -.-! In th end I hold WenTing & we run past together(: Took group photo with MrKoh. Then went back on th bus. Went back t school to do mindmap. Anyhow do de x; And that's th end(:

27May09 went to choir. Boring luh. Blahs.
29May09 went to cut hair with Zoey plus rebond my hair. Walao, damn long sia X; Wait&wait&wait. Like, 4hours mansxz): th ending is okays luh, but I don't like my fringeee):



Zilian with bro loads

That day Jolene came to my house (270509)

KinderJoy that Mel treated me ♥ (:


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