Inside jokes with the class

July 03, 2009

COME SzeYong! GO ZhengLei.
HAHAHA, inside joke :B

Was a bit late so chiong t school. Felt a bit giddy but was alright later on. Melyssa was telling me MsQuek in a good mood these few days, never even scold when 10+ people never bring health booklet. Then when she saw 2/3 people never bring student handbook she scolded them badly. MAYBE I'M THE JINX. LOL! & ZhengLei, SzeYong & Dion just have t tease me non-stop -.-! I swear t kill whoever who told the whole class I had low blood pressure that's why can't go school(!!) Literature was boring. Didn't bring Red Sky In The Morning. Then had Geog. Don't have a clue what the teacher is blabbering about. Then there was this planet thingy acronym. MVEMJSUN, My Very Evil Mother Just Served Us Nothing for the planet nearest to the sun to Furtherest away. the next one was damn funny, by SzeYong. From biggest to smallest. MMVENUSJ, Mr Minjoot Very Evil, No Use Saying Joke. ROFLMAO(!) But the cher changed t Mr Michael Very Entertaining 'N' Usually Says Jokes -.- NO GOOD! SzeYong's is nicer! Recess then CME. Mr Koh didn't come - he went t AYG, so had free period. Learnt how t fold straw hearts from WenTing. (: Then MotherTongue. as usual, Lee YY don't care what we do. So I folded hearts lor. Then I never do this worksheet and threw into dustbin. Home Ec next. SzeYong was seriously joker luh! But kena scolding .__. Then had Science. After that chiong home t take handphone before meeting my Clique. (: Go home, whoa, shocked t see so many smses. Then Joann called and rushed me -.- So faster re-put my lip gloss took my phone and faster rushed out. Then started raining heavily!): I dashed across the rain. Sad not? ): Anyways, then walked around before going Pepper Lunch. Ordered the student meal, chicken one. Nice(:
Joann would bring her floorball stick cos she simply felt like playing it.
Regine would bring her microphone cos she simply felt like singing.
WanYi would start baking cookies cos she simply felt like guiding.
LOL, inside joke again :B
Hoho, and while laughing at this joke, I accidentally touch the hotpot which set me into a "owwwwwwwwwwwwuch", causing the girl beside me t jump up. And a lot of stares -.- After that, went rooftop, from WanYi,

Slacked at the playground and did homework and took pics til, 6+.

Well, she did homework. I folded straw hearts for someone. Cannot say who because the person comes t my blog (; Well, bought 7-11 capsule & plaster and went home. ♥ this day!

In the morning nothing much happened. Then had geog lessons. Boringgggg. English was sooo sian. LOL. Then recess. Went toilet with Nabilah, YingYing, Mildred, Siti, Melyssa & Hanis. My blister was like, damn pain & I was asking for another 2 plasters cos I left mine in class. Then Siti say she have. But then no cartoon. Then I don't wan XX; In the end cannot tahan. So still use lor. LOL. Talked t Hafiz and he was like disiao-ing me -.-! ThenThen, TzeLiang, KaiKiar & JianHong was sooo evil D: They bully me sia): I asked TzeLiang help me take straw cos I lazy walk there + both leg blisters. Then he ask for what. And Jian Hong told him I wna fold straw hearts. He said no. Then nevermind. Later KaiKiat come, I ask him. He ask for what also(!)
Then they 3 whisper don't know what (Keep on reading, you will know). Then after a while Kai Kiat show me a straw heart. And I was like "I don't waaaaaaaaaaant): I waaaaaaaaant fold myseeeeeelf" in a whiny voice. Then in the end I still ask him give me la. He throw liao WenTing pick up give me. We see see see then I was like "EE! SO WEEEEEET DE!" & you know what KaiKiat replied?! "OF COS' WET LAR, THE BOTTLE WET MA~" before all 3 of them burst into laughter & I looked at them in disgust. Omg, I feel like killing them sia -.- And they actually bit the straw -.-! Went back t class t take temperature & had Maths lesson. Since I missed 3 Maths lessons, I was kinda lost but soon catch up (: After that was Science. OMG please, I 2nd t present and I didn't know that I present tday till reccess(!) :[ And I was so damn nervous. I hate presentations): I present halfway I so nervous I said "I VERY SCARED!" out loud -.-! So embarrassing -.- Then when teacher asking comments for me, SzeYong stood up, hugged himself & said "I'm Very Scared!" OMG, FELT LIKE KILLING HIM -.-!! Then teacher say I keep laughing, probably cos I nervous & can see my nervousness. Then SzeYong had t point out that there was this slide, with a lot words, & I damn nervous, so I just skip t the last sentence, ignoring the 10+ sentences in-front. HARHAR -.- Took height & weight. Omg, I'm so short): I think even Jarod is taller than me now): I didn't even grow one cm -.-! After that went down, saw SiJie. Ask her she waiting for who. She waiting for YiLin t go Efps together. So I tagged along also :B Met Eileen & her friend, Rachel (Ang) at PP then buy bubble tea. Then went t meet Jolene (Tang). Omg, she look darn different please. Then see Mr Sim & went t kopitiam. Darn funny. I was late & wna say "My mother angry that time look like female tiger" dno what's wrong with me, I said "My mother angry that time look like merlion" LOL. Went home & zilianed.

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