Swimming lessons

July 27, 2009

Guess I'll still have t blog t vent my anger :)
Tday morning was a great start, I 1st go school then Stella&Siti were like keep talking t me, Hanis also. Then Mel&Nab came and we all chatted excitedly :D Faster do homwork (Stella teach) but eventually still missed out Maths. Darn -__-Art didn't bring photo, no mirror, no EZ-link card so I was t write "I DIDN'T BRING MY PHOTO, I DIDN'T BRING MY EZ-LINK CARD" on my artpiece -.-After that was Maths, which I really didn't kno need t do ohk. Anyway, MrKoh said nvm. Recess next. Waited for Nab&Siti t change & we went down for recess. Felt damn full&hungry at th same time, so in th end just bought chocolate milk & drink. & MotherTongue came. Copied the tingxie words, and nothing much. WaKao, I was a good girl throughout please, I didn't even use my handphone -________- English next, never really learnt anything. Just repeat what she taught was already .___. then was CME, nothing much, & PE. Sat with Melissa on th way t swimming pool. Melissa, Andrea, XinYi, Grace & me didn't swim. Apparently, someone told on me, and MsQuek came t say what "You better don't let me catch me with your phone, I don't even kno if you listen during class or what" WTH. I never even use in class, not even chinese class tday. DARN -__- After swimming was like, damn disappointed t see my mother sms me t say she won't be meeting me. Sighs.

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