Common tests ended! :D

August 05, 2009

Wow, I did not blog for so long!
Was busy with CommonTests & lots of things. I shall do a proper post today :D

Had Chinese common test. Dang, I doubt I can pass. So many words I don't kno how t read! & th Compre I just answered crap & I couldn't even write 希望 -__- I think my chinese seriously needs some improvement. After that, had Maths(?) then recess. Didn't really hear what MrKoh saying, too distracted. After recess had MotherTongue. Then English. I was such a good girl, I brought my English books t school, like finally! Hah. CME next. Th boys really irritate MrKoh so much, he was so angry lor. Then released th boys late, which in turn made MsQuek angry. Didn't swim, again. This is th 3rd week I didn't swim -.-! Went back t school for Choir. Then rushed home after choir t catch some rest, do homework & revise.

Morning siti pei-ed me t go find Aaron t pass him phone. Then when we went back t class, I realised I did not bring my calculator for Maths Common Test! Omg, how dumb -.- Went through th test without my calculator, luckily, not many calculations are needed and there aren't many complicated ones, mainly those P6 kind. Then had Science. Watched th MsSwan vieos. Omg, she's really dumb .__." Go youtube "Ms Swan", should be able t find xD Recess then Maths. Maths was so dumb. I got picked t share what I've learnt th day before & I didn't even listen t MrKoh th lesson before. Glad got people help me. Hehe. WaKao. I sebei frustrated/angry/whatever lor. I tio accused of dying my hair again. Damn, shall not talk about it anymore .__. After Maths is English. And I brought my ReadingRites too! ;D surprisingly, I kno X; And it's a good thing I did because MdmGoh was so fed-up & Szeyong made her angrier. Then she told MsQuek everything. Pheeeew, I'm a good girl :] MsQuek took up like 15min of our PC time t scold them & had spotcheck on hair. No one tio caught, cos girls all faster pin & th guys.... XX: Their hair so ____. Hehe. Had PC. Learn about ______. (Forgot) I didn't really listen, felt like sleeping all along. And because of MsQuek scolding, we had t be released late T.T Halfway through Aaron they all came, then I also like, don't kno what t do. Then his friend ask me tell MsTng I go toilet. Then I tell lor, & collect phone from them. Mel said I was a lousy actress cos I "used th toilet" for only a few seconds & th girls toilet is one floor below us! Haha, whatever :x And Jonas/MsTng/a lot of others thought I went t meet boyfr -.-! After school meet-up with Sean. Then went t meet my mom t trade in my phone cos it's spoilt. I accidentally deleted all my contacts! Wthhhh -____- I really cried man. Coz, I have 300+ contacts, of which, there are some really important ones. AH ): It's my most silly mistake this year mansxz. But after I calm down, I thought about it & God really told me a lot of things lar. MRT-ed t HougangMall & Mummy treat me PepperLunch. Yum♥ Bought dinner for bro&Daddy & IceCream, then went home.

Wednesday (today),
Chiong-ed HomeEcons homework, then pass up. Darn. I think I'm gonna fail HomeEcons too, I really don't understand any single shit at all. I just guessed all th way through. Sad case. Literature was fine, I managed t fill up every single line :D Should be can pass :] Moved back t our own seats & go through th friday stuff, didn't really bother since I'm not going on Friday anyway. Literature next, nothing much. Just slacking. Recess - went t library t gossip. Pass very fast. Then had English, which we basically did nothing -.- Geog next. Got back out test papers. Very satisfied :D I thought I would fail because I really didn't kno a lot opened ended questions, but not only did I not fail, I scored above my target by 5 whole marks. ;DD Thank you God :] Maths next. Damn, socks tio caught by MrKoh again. Headache, so did not attend choir. Hope teacher won't nag :X

Common tests finally ended! :DDD

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