Weekly updates at school

August 14, 2009

Shall blog about Tuesday-Friday.(:
Went sch. Got back Maths CommonTest. Yeah, another A1 scored for me :D ZL & me didn't bring ReadingRites for English. Lucky MdmGoh never catch man! Cannot really remember much. PC that day was such a bore .___.

Choir choir choir -.- Went home t get my phone first. After choir, SMSed friends. SKIP SKIP!

Realised that I didn't pack my bag th day before because I THOUGHT I DID! Omg, I was so damn blur after choir please -.- Asked around but no one HomeEcons on thursday (how GREAT). Endup, because I really don't want tio offense file, I sacrifice my lunch+dinner money t go buy th stupid textbook. Have t thank Lennard for being my maid, keeping my money, helping me buy th book & stuff during recess :x Pei-ed Mildred t library. Walao, I feel so paiseh lor. Shall not talk about it :P After school, pon-ed choir makeup lessons t go Tampines with Jeanic. Visited her grandmother t get money. & went t th McDonald near NgeeAnn. Then I shouted something which made ______ turn around, then I act as if nothing happened :x Pei-ed her t go find JiaYu then while waiting for bus, saw A______. Wakao, I feel so paiseh! & JiaYu go shout his name & waved! OMG PLEASE! :O After Jiayu board his bus, Jeanic go find AaronS. Blahs. Went home, late. Again ._. asked around t see who can help me keep phone. SkipSkip. SMSed JingHeng & a few others, went t bed early coz damn tired. At night, ZL told me a lot of things. & got back some CommonTest result.
Literature: 18/25
Home Econs: 25/50
Lit was damn disappointing. No A1, no distinction. SAD! HomeEc even worse! Actually I got 24. then realised teacher marked wrong, SO I GOT 25 INSTEAD. don't kno t feel happy or sad la. Now left English&Chinese. If I can pass then ho seh liao lar :D Another wish off my wishlist :DD

Morning, announcement say no ServiceLearning. & I was like "yesssss!" :B Oh, lols. Geog damn sian. Then English MdmGoh keep scolding. Recess with Mil again. After which, had Maths. Then Science. Lab session. SkipSkip. MdmCheong called me t answer one question, & I was daydreaming away.
"Regine, tell me th answer."

"Wah, so loud, your HUH." (Something like that)
-.- I screamed HUH out of habit. So paiseh :/

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