Hair checks

August 06, 2009

Today hair tio caught so many times ;x

Morning, chatted with Stella & Siti. Stella mad lor! She say my hair very brown & can reflect light, very special then she die also must pluck one of my hair t keep as souvenir! LOL, then let her pluck lor -.- After that, realised I forgot t bring book, luckily YingQin lend me. ThanksThanks :D Then got a lot people never bring also, I think MsQuek fed-up or what, she started checking attire. A lot people socks tio caught, surprisingly, although mine was lower than JingHeng's, ZhengLei's & lots of other people, mine never get caught! Hah. But -.-! My fringe tio -____-" Literature next. Some shameless bitxh lar. No one invite her t our group, she ownself come. Extra extra. Tsk. Still don't want cooperate.And push blame on others. Stupid dog. Geog next. MrWan leaving us! Omg, for further studies - he will be gone for 4years! Recess next. Pei-ed Siti t toilet t tidy my hair again then wanted t go library, but not opened, so we sit near there. Told her about *****. After recess was CME. I left my handbook on my desk & ZhengLei go see. Then he saw I wrote _____'s name a lot times. WAKAO. FREAKING PAISEH LEH! MotherTongue next. Don't kno what happened, then we had t go t some room for MT lessons. Stupid lor, walk down that time, saw that MsFerng (however you spell her name -.-). Walao, fuxk sia. Catch me liao, she ask I what class, I obviously said 1e1 (duh) then she used her fuxking sarcastic tone t talk t me. "Wahh, 1e1 students like this one wor! You mean you can walk around the school like this? You are from th best express class!" then she look at my socks and ask how high should my socks me. I answer cover ankle then she say what "COVER ANKLE? You mean you don't kno? I am suppose t see th 'greendale'! I can't even see it!" I really don't kno lor! -.- Plus can see 'greendale' already lor. Is you ownself blind lar, ass. ;X & she continue with her blahsblahsblahs -___-" Stupid lor, totally waste my time. After she let me go, I totally don't know where my class went. I was so lost .___. Luckily I saw this teacher walk by, then I asked him & he turned out t be our relief teacher(!) Do the worksheet. All guessed th answer :X Then when walk out that time, I saw *****'s class, coz' it was _________. Then Mildred tell me _________ & I trip over my own leg t see. In th end happy over nothing uh -.- But then ZhengLei & lots of other boys kno lor! WaKao. So paiseh X: Went back t class, had HomeEcons (Practical).  Hair tio caught again(!!!). We made agaragar & smoothie. Smoothie not nice one :B I pour away half of it. Agaragar I've yet t try - it's still in my fridge. Walked back that time MsBeh ask why yesterday never go CCA. Well, it's obvious that I pon lor. But I gave her some dumb excuse .__." Science next. MdmChua(?) didn't come. Did some notes then a lil' of homework (good girl is me!). After school, went down with Mel. Then she wanted t go hall find YiZhen then _______________________. Deanna should kno ;B

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