August 27, 2009

Early morning missed th bus -.- After that, walked t school. YY & Mil outside classroom gossiping :B Talked a lot crap & lobsters before heading t hall. Heh. MsQuek never come today. Saw idiot at hall :x Went back t class. Lit was okay. KengHin's paper, MsLoga go draw one smiley face for him sia! Me, PekLim & ChinHao don't have D: After that had Geog. Gathered at th back with Mil & WenTing. SMSed Clarence, Deanna(L) & ZheWei. Heh. Geog also don't kn o what MrLim saying lar. Recess. Wandered around th school with Wenting coz super bored. Super idiotic thing happened -.- Whatever. Went back t class & realised tday is Maths, nt CME(!!) Borrowed books form friend. Freddie came into class t get his present - the cookies I baked yesterday. He say suoer nice lehs! Skip. MT next. Realised something ._. Can't believe it lor... MT then HomeEcons. Super boring. Started t feel super cold la -.- Coz of th stupid rain. At first Lennard lend me jacket, after that I realised I got bring hoodie. So return him lor. Skip. Science next. Presentations again ;o After school still raining so bball icg canceled. Maybe postponed t Monday(?) Wanted t go library but they having some meet-th-author so cannot go. Sat outside lubrary with Hanis, Kessie, Wenting, Nabilah & Siti. They waitying for CCA & I'm just being extra since I have nothing better t do anyway :P After a while Wenting & Hanis went t CCA. Gossiped with Nabilah & Siti. After that, Siti saw her crushhhh! Hehhheh. Super funny la! Then we keep looking. & they got look back also. LOL. After a while, sent Siti t hall then go toilet tgr. Saw Joni Mama (: After that, sent Nabilah t her CCA. Then went home (:

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