True friendship is seen through th heart nt through th eyes

July 17, 2009

Yesterday had photo-taking. Omg, I'm gna look ugly -.- Because we had to pin up fringe -.- It's like -.- lor. Photo-taking still, Ms Quek say must pin up fringe. Duh. Had HomeEcons practical lessons for the first time. Omg, ShuJuan & me make the sandwich is a disaster -.- The chicken was not fried enough, & very blend. The bread very hard, the cabbage yellow liao. the tomato too sour. I threw the whole thing away after taking the first bite. LOL.
Arrived at school. then all the blahs blahs. Geog, don't really know what teacher talking as I was snacking on my M&M for the whole hour. Joined table with Mel also :) After that, was English. Forgot to bring Grammer in Context book so tio punish stand up. After a full hour of English was recess. Ate 2 harshbrowns. So in love with Greendale's harshbrown! :) maths test half an hour. Gosh, got two question is about polygons, I both skip -.-! But when Mr Kwek read out the answers, I think all I got answer one all correct. Haha. And had Science. (Mrs Leong made us move our tables back) Today was presentation day 3. Changed seat with KengHin to sit with Mel. We at the back hor, keep smsing leh! Then Mrs Leong come t the back that time Mel still smsing she never se! LOL -.- But tio caught by SzeYong & Vernon -.- Then SzeYong ask me treat him KinderBrueno -.- Then I say anything lor. Vernon so funny lor. He said, "teacher, they bring handphone!" softly. Then later heshoult till very loud "TEACHER!" then we both like 0_O and he said, "Can I go to the toilet?" -_- After presentations, we went to science lab & got released there. No service learning today! \M/

完美并不美 我们多虚伪 你让我的好 变成一种罪
完美并不美 当你爱了谁 我的完美也只是 不完美

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