Like clouds and wind without rain

July 10, 2009

Today when I arrived at school & went t class, I realised that I was the only girl there. LOL. But it doesn't matters. Saw a Kinder Joy on my table & ZhengLei was smiling at me. TYVM! Hehehehe. Then Jolene arrived. & Siti. Gossiped & stuff before Melyssa came t give me money t buy TWO KINDER JOY. Omg, I love her so much, really (:

We had temperature taking after, then Geography lessons. Did mindmap/concept map. After which, was Enggggglish -.- MdmGoh actually used SIXTY MINUTES TO GO THROUGH THREE QUESTIONS. Like, duh. She still dono why talk till about Geography, Science, etc. Then she blamed us for wasting her time. DUH. It was 10am already, which is recess. She is the one who took so long to go through the paper with us, she kept blaming us for being late for recess. Then we had to stay back in class for 10min just to go through the whole paper. Idiotic. More than 1 hour just to go through 6 FREAKING questions. Obviously we will say "recess already" right. And when she caught XinYi & Corliss without their paper. She went "I knew something was fishy when you all kept asking for recess recess *annoyed face* so you think Mdm Goh is stupid .... ..." blahsblahs, lectures more.

YOU KNOW WHAT. She used 2months to mark a compo. & our Reading Rites, she January call us do page 1-7, haven't even go through finish. I'm extremely unhappy with this, because it affects my English, A LOT. I feel that I cannot even write a good piece of compo now. It's not only me, it's the whole class. We were released at about 10.10am. But seriously, if she just spares her lectures & nagging & beating around the bush, our whole class would have done better in English, and perhaps not be so angry with her. The thing about her is that she always wastes our time & then say it's us who wasted her time. Please -.-! Not only that, there was once when she was doing relief in our class. Then Melissa had a fever. Obviously will tell the teacher right. She crossed her arms & rolled her eyes. HELLO! She is the teacher. Nevermind, shall not do a complain post. (Maybe I should someday)

Recess ate my muffin (Melyssa treat!) in a hurry - I think I broke my record. Haha. Kahmay was like, talking to me, telling me teacher want catch her. HAHA. I understand! Because I experience this too! HEHEHE. Then took temperature again. And then it was Maths. I didn't really do the questions. And for those I did, I literally wrote crap. Whatever. I still owe MrKwek/MrKoh one pile of worksheets that I never do, "never bring" or some silly excuses la. After Maths, there was Science. Presentation day again. And it marks the 1st week anniversary when I embarrassed myself during the presentation last week. TYVM -.-

The first presenter was KengHin. OMG, he's like, darn funny please! Freaking funny. While he was presenting he kept waving his hands & swaying around, and it made him look like he was dancing. & while he was pointing t the screen, explaining the pictures in a particular slide, one alert box popped out, & his explanation became, "paper is crushed, then cleaned, then what is this?" He was like, pointing to the box and said what is this. It was freaking funny. Everyone laughed like mad. And thinking about it makes me wna burst out laughing already! He's the joker of the class please! LOL. Then when he went back t "his seat" (Me & him change place so that I can sit with Melyssa & he can sit with PekLim), I was like, chewing on my Choclaire (chocolate + sweet). AND HE WAS LOOKING AT ME AND SUB-COUNCIOUSLY, HE STARTED CHEWING TOO. (Melyssa was the one who noticed it & pointed it out t me) Omg, this is damn funny -.-! I laughed till my face turned red.
That's all.

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