" A friend loves at all times . " - Proverbs 17:17

June 29, 2010

You've got a million ways to make me laugh .
You're looking out for me you've got my back .
It's so good to have you around .
You know the secrets I could never tell ,
& when I'm quiet you break through my shell .
Don't feel the need to do a rebel yell ,
Cause you keep my feet on the ground .
You don't get angry when I change the plans ,
Somehow you're never out of second chances .
Won't say '' I told you'' when I'm wrong again ,
I'm so lucky that i found a true friend who will be here till the end .
You pull me aside when something ain't right ,
You talk with me now and into the night till it's alright again .
True Friends will go to the ends of the earth to find the things you need ,
Friends hang on through the ups and the downs 'cause they've got someone to believe in .


Dedication to JOANNWONG ,

We don't talk as often anymore , cause we're in different schls . But still , we do meet up often right (Y) ! I really would love it if we can talk & hangout everyday like P6 . But I guess , absence will make the heart grow fonder (: .
You've been the bestest friend I've ever had . Tkz for everything you've done for me , scolding me when I'm wrong , giving me advices & cheering me up when I'm sad . Even though we've had many quarrels , each just made just stronger , right ? :]

Remember our first outing ? You still had cuimoi :D , & you wore this socalled "water-proof" shirt , funny ttm :D . & we both were like so nerdy . We took neoprints & could still laugh over it till now . Like funny only right , -_-'l| .
Then our first movie . We were still nerdypants . We even bought a whole box of fortune cookies to munch in the cinemas . But now they don't sell the fortune cookies anymore :( .
& we celebrated derek's birthday by watching movie , hor . I even bought along Toto , the tortoise you gave me on my 12th birthday .
Remember those times when we take lots&lots of photos ? & videos too ;) . & how we always got into trouble together & get scolded together .
All those times you talked t me till dawn , those times when you comforted me when I'm sad , talk sense into me , & simply just talking crapz w me .
Do you still remember how we always sneak t the Commongreen after schl to play & for me to look @ guys ? Hoho , those times were seriously fun :] . & I remembered when I lost my bag , you were the one who helped me search till like , 6plus or so & ended up getting scolded by yur parents . Much appreciated .
Ohoh , & I remembered we quarreled over some vandalising stuff right . But it's soon over , isn't it . & we're like best friends again .
Then , we used t slack after Psle . & even going straight to Whitesands after Psle English . :B Really miss those times a lot D: .
We drift & close , drift & close a lot times right . But we're now , CLOSER THAN EVER .

You've really thought me manymany things which I've appreciated , ALOT ^^ . Loveyou like always ! :D
If you need a place where you can run, If you need a shoulder to cry on, When you need a healer for yur pain When you need someone to love you, Here I am.
& I hope we can meet up SOON SOON SOON .

Bytheway , on cloud 7 ! (:


Some people come into our lives & quickly go . Some stay for awhile & leave footprints on our hearts . & we are never , ever the same .

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