Nothing gold can stay .

October 22, 2010

It was once a love story that everyone envied
And have never grew tired of listening of
But time brought me a lesson which I've never knew
And I'm now beginning to wonder if
I have been stuck in a fairytale dream all this while .

After having second thoughts , I decided to update my blog despite the intense fatigue that I'm drowned in or else I couldn't think of another solution to resuscitated my dead blog . After doing a fast estimation , I guess I haven't been posting for approximately a week or so ! OMG HAHAHAHA . Thank you , readers , so much for making my tagboard and formspring still so alive .

That aside , days after exams are heavenly ! :D As expected , like everyone else , I went to celebrate the end of EOY right after the last paper by watching a 3D HORROR MOVIE , 童眼 . I had a fruitful and satisfying break after the hectic weeks of mugging for EOY . Shopping spree , movies , gossiping , sleeping , dreaming , laughing , meeting up with old pals , and lastly EATING ! Everything that I wanted to do was done . Well , almost . I'm looking forward to a class chalet , which seems slightly impossible . $$ !
Anyway , after 6 days of resting , it's back to school . To be honest , I dreaded this day 'cause it's the day we're getting back our results . I actually thought I would do WAAAAAY better because although there were some distractions here and there , I kinda studied , but the results were appaling and way below expectation . For those interested , here's my results :
Science - F9
English - B3
Geography - F9
Maths - F9
DnT - A2
Literature - A1
Chinese - D7
And , yes . I didn't pass my overall ._. . Anyway , what's done is done . I'm not gonna regret , 'cause I studied . :)
Through my haste , impatience waits . The time has come , I hesitate . Feel so dry , I'm dead inside I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired . So I wake up and I feel that there is nothing real . I haven't heard your voice in so long and I know this drought is probably not your fault . I'm so weak and thirsty . My heart is thin , sin creeps in . I know . You see the pride in me .
My mind is gone , I cannot think.

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