Time elapse , souls dematerialize .

October 10, 2010

Happy 10/10/10 , people :) .

My weekly schedule is plainly for school , lunch , remedials and revision . The remaining hours I have left are used to reply the questions on my formspring . How on earth am I gonna survive if this is gonna continue any longer .Well , at least EOY has already started and I've already handed up my Art project (pictures above) , which was a complete headache for me , and I guess my nightmare will end soon .
Still , thank you truckloads for the lovely comments and messages . They were really encouraging . If you haven't realised , I still do read the tagboard even when I don't post :) . Anyway , thanks to those who are have been patiently awaiting for my blog post ! Alrights , will be back soon with a real proper post ! Hopefully .
Put away the pictures , put away the memories . I put over and over through my tears . I've held them till I'm blind , they kept my hope alive , as if somehow they would keep you here . Now here it comes , the hardest part of all , unchain my heart that's holding on . How do I start to live my life alone ? Guess I'm just learning , learning the art of letting go . Tried to say it's over , say the word good bye , but each time it catches in my throat . You're still here in me and I can't set you free , so I hold on to what I wanted most and maybe someday , we'll be friends forevermore . And that would be the moment , I wish I could open up that door .

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