Just don't wait till it's over before you realize it was there .

October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween/Bieberween :D .

11:12am : When you think about him, you start to cry . When he gets online , your heart beats ten times faster . When you see him , you smile without even knowing it . That means there's something that won't let you give up . Its hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone if your heart still does .

Xueying's 14th :D ,

The only reason we look like crazy women here is because we were on the skyride and the wind was blowing at Yingying's hair and I'm freaking out because I'm acrophobic ._. .

To tell the truth , I've lost my touch for blogging already . Even though I went out almost everyday for the past week , I don't know what to blog about . Anyway , some mini updates . I got back my report book already , and I already expected the results . I just pray hard that this will be a lesson , a hard one , learnt for me . I should never get distracted again , especially during examinations period . I had a hard time choosing the subject combinations that I want because as I've mentioned , my results weren't that good , and I was only eligible for two choices - both of which I had no interest in . I ended up with E19 (SS/Literature , Physics/Chemistry , D&T and POA) as my first choice , E18 (SS/History , Physics/Chemistry , D&T and POA) as my second and lastly , E21 (SS/Geography , Physics/Chemistry and D&T) . Gonna appeal for my first choice although it might be hard as I failed Maths :( . That aside , I really enjoyed the career experience as one of the post examinations activities organized by the school . Got to learn Hip Hop that day ! :) However , I thought that the post examinations programmes were too little as compared to post MYE programmes . Ugh , I actually sidetrack-ed from the real reason why I'm here today - to do some dedications ! :D I should really start now before I get distracted again !

SIMXUEYING ! ♥ Happy birthday , Jackfruit ! You're 14 , like finally . Please stop being so aunty , start being on time , stop being so dumb , start chasing yur own happiness , stop replying my messages late , start spending more money , stop wearing black and start wearing SKIRTS :D . You really should be replying me on MSN now because if you don't I'm gonna start nagging and nagging at you ;@ . I hope that when I see you in school , and hopefully , in class , next year , yur hair would be long enough to tie up already ^^

JADEGOH ! ♥ You little naughty lollipop daughter ! I hope you can grow taller , so that people will stop picking on yur height and bully you ! I know something about 18th's , do you ? :) Tsktsk , never wait for yur mom D: . Then still try to make me jealous somemore ! Chey ! But still , thanks for always being there for me , no matter what , hehehe . I remember once we gossiped and talked crap till 3am plusplus . That was like totally cool right ^^ You still owe me a Compass Point and neoprint outing :( . Hope yur mama lets you outta the house if not I'm gonna call her up ! :x

DOLLYONG ! ♥ I finally got yur surname correct ! :D You stupid monstar ! Keep say meet up meet up then end up we both never meet ! Damn asshole can :( Must meet up soon kkay ! Got so many things to catch up on with you ! We didn't meet since 12'02'2010 ! Must gossip about guys already ! Thanks for all those crazy times spent , yur matured advices and yur stupid "I was trying to help you and him!" , super paiseh okay ! HAHAHA . And you should really be honored that you're the first one to know lor ! :x

BELINDAENG ! ♥ Patrickstarrr :) . You're always the one with great advices , the one who talks sense into me , really . Thanks for always being there when I need someone to talk to , even though I always late reply you , HAHAHA . You're like so clever , seriously ! Cannot stand you anymore ! :( One day , I'll be as clever as you , I promise . Hehehe ! :B Don't stop what you're doing nor change yourself alright ? 'Cause you're awesome , just the way you are .

TOHYINGYING ! ♥ Though it might be just a big mistake , I really must thank you for helping me and him get together . Afterall , it is better to have loved and lost than to have never love at all , right ? :) You cheer up too , alright ? No guy is worth yur tears , and when you when find that is , he won't make you cry . Remember what I've always told you ? Don't do things and then regret . When you broke with him , you chose to run away instead of facing it . So why look back now ? You've chosen to run away , so continue running . Why turn back only now and not before ?

VERNONLEOW ! ♥ Thanks for all the late night talks , thanks for comforting me and thanks for trusting me with all yur secrets ! :) Don't worry , I won't say out anything dehs :D . Please grow up and stop talking like a childish kid . Looking back , you were always there for me when I need someone to talk to . Really , thank you so much . You don't know how much this means to me :) . Although we'll probably not be in the same class next year , I still hope that we'll never drift apart :) .

VANESSASOH ! ♥ Please improve yur English alright ! Shall save you some face and not post up what you said here , HAHAHA . I'm such a good friend right :) . Don't nag so much anymore kay ! Sometimes really cannot tahan yur super random hyperness and yur super long nags . Hope that we don't drift once we're in different classes because I still want back my money and headphone :( . Plus I still wanna drink yur super tasty ice-milo :D . And thanks for saving me when Kahheng stepped on my leg , if not my leg now already broken :x .

GOHSIYING ! ♥ Stupid city girl , stop teasing me about kampong ! :( Anyway , thanks for always being there when I need a listening ear and talking crap with me , but no thanks for always laughing at my blurness and calling me kampong girl ! Hope you can get AMaths or POA hahaha , if not I help you write appeal till the teachers cry because it's so touching , then for sure you can get AMaths leow :D . But must give credit to me uh ! :)

CHRISLYNYEO ! ♥ You're seriously awesome for accompanying me to school almost everyday and always reminding me to reply people , HAHAHA . Thanks for everything you've done and thanks so much for making me laugh whenever we're together . It's really great to have you by my side because you really understand what I'm going through right now . And thanks for being such a caring and tiongxim friend :D . Don't think so much about some guys who're not worth it okay ? You'll find someone better .

NGSIWEN ! ♥ Thanks for bring there for me whenever I need to talk . I remember those times during the camps , we're like so high right ? And we kept gossiping about people , I keep getting high because of something and we became lesbos right ! Hahaha , those were really the good times . You , don't think about him anymore also okay ? Love is like gambling . Once you've lost or given up , you have to clear your debts . Don't be stupid and gamble on the same guy again . Because you'll end up burning your fingers . Be strong okay ?

And lastly , to you , ♥♥♥ . It's been 125 days 3 hours 35 minutes . I think it's time that I let you go . I love you more than anything else in this world and there is nothing that I would like better than to hold on to you forever . But I know it's not for the best . So no matter how much my heart is going to break , I've got to let you go . Maybe if I'm lucky , you'll come back , but if not , I hope I can make it through this. I really wish I had the guts to walk away from what we had . But I can't . Because I know you wouldn't come after me . And thats what hurts the most . But even if I can't, I have to . Because I know , I don't mean that much to you anymore . I made a choice to finally let go , because I can't stand the pain , it's time for my last tear to fall and smile again . I wish it didn't have to be this way ...
You make your own choices every day . Whether or not to get out of bed . To smoke . To drink . To drive . To walk . To have a job . To go to that job . To hate . To love . To live .

Sometimes you forget how in control you really are .

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