The only difference between pain and love , is time .

January 16, 2011

Maybe it's not about trying to fix what's already broken . Maybe it's about starting over , and creating something even better .

These couple of weeks made me realise how much of a crybaby I am . So many changes have been happening around the people I'm with . And sometimes , I find that it takes more courage than I already have , to come into consensus with these changes .

I used to think that I have control over my own life and emotions with my own decisions . But lately , it seems that many decisions have already been made for me . And all I can do , is nothing but to accept and live with these decisions .

I really hate this situation . Every beating pulse in my veins is resisting this .

I would hate to spend every minute of your absence counting down to your return . I would hate to still feel like holding on to you so much even though I understand impermanence .

I am not sure if I can do this .

Adapting is a bitch .

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