Miracles bounds to exist where true love is.

February 27, 2011


Got back some of my Common Test papers and I'm thoroughly disappointed with all of them. I failed those which I could have passed and barely passed the one I thought I would score well in.
Alright, I'm kinda lazy to blog much nowadays. I've been missing out too much on my life that it's pretty hard to catch up.

Anyway, a dedication to my dearest hyperpill(:.

Three years of friendship and you've always been here for me despite everything. When you felt sad, I could only cry with you. And when I felt down, you never fail to be there for me. Your silly tactics of trying to cheer me up never stops me from all the giggles and stuff. We laughed about the same thing, gossiped and acted stupid together. Basically, we did everything together, even skipping remedial lessons together. Though it isn't something I'm proud of, it's still something that I'd like to remember. Thanks for all the time you've invested in me, placing in lots of effort to spend whatever time you have with me, whenever I'm feeling ever so low. Time seem to have flew pass us pretty fast isn't it? We started hanging out since July'09 and being the only two 1E1'09 girls in 2E3'10 had sparked off the strong bond that we've formed till this moment. Last year, many obstacles have been causing conflicts to this friendship leading to small tiffs between the both of us. I wish that all these are just small hindrances that would naturally come by and would in fact strengthen our friendship. Gladly, we have been able to open our hearts to each other and speak our minds out as to salvage our friendship. Hopefully, everything would stay in this manner till the end of time. I remember all the promises we've made to each other and our dreams which we're yearning to fulfill in the near future. Once again, thanks for being such a wonderful friend. You're the best I ever had. Loving you always, Regine.

And lastly, to the anonymous who asked for a post on the facial cleanser I use daily, I'm not sure if it's being sold outside as I got them from my doctor, but oh well, here it is!

Facial wash (Oily skin washing foam) - To be used twice per day, once in the morning and once at night. Wet your face, squeeze a small amount of about a 20cent coin and apply all over. There will be little/no bubbles though. When done, wash it off with pure water.

I don't know what are these two bottles of stuff called but they're supposed to help heal pimples and lighten pimple scars - Drip a few drips of the solution (on the right hand side) into your fingers/face (depends on which one are you more comfortable with). Take note that you gotta act fast as it dries up quick. Apply it all over your face but rub on those affected area. For the bottle of cream on the left side, just squeeze out the right amount and apply all over your face.

Anti Acne Mask - to be used every other day. Apply on affected area for 20mins before washing it off with pure tap water.
I know it's a battle I'll never win. My heart just can't go through that pain again. The next time you walk up, I'll hold my head high. I'll turn away, I'll try not to cry.

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