Happiness is not a matter of events, it depends upon the tides of the mind.

March 04, 2011


I'm left wondering what the hell have I done wrong? Is there anything that I could do to make things go back to normal? Could we have a conversation about this? I really do hate myself sometimes for being such an ignorant girl. I have reached the same place that I had been before in 2009, where I just pretend that everything's going my way when it is obviously not. At all. Feeling so incomplete. Am I reaching for nothing, or just to much?

I do apologise for not updating often. It's mainly because I'm running out of photos and I don't wanna have a blog post without photos. It would be so boring, right?! To make up for the lack of blog posts, I actually answered loads of Formspring questions today ^^

Alright, some mini updates about my life. My camera's screen cracked and I have no camera now. the worst thing about this situation? Level camp this Monday and I'm actually looking forward to it. But now that I have no camera, I have no device to capture down memories and my brain can't actually store that much pictures inside. Ugh, I'm really not making any sense ._.! Shall just let the pictures do the talking instead of embarrassing myself with these nonsense.

I kinda like my hair colour now (:

Sometimes I wonder why do I say certain things to myself and others.
Sometimes I wonder why can't I achieve something even after trying for so hard.
Sometimes I wonder why can't I let go of things that I know I cannot have.
Sometimes I wonder why can't I be like this person or that person.
Sometimes I wonder if I could change myself to be like this/that, would I be much happier?

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