I'm sorry. Sometimes I get jealous thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could.

March 06, 2011

When happiness came knocking on my door , I'd be waiting . I'd open the door and say , "Where have you been ? What took you so long ? And if you just give me a moment , I'll pack and go with you ."

There's a whole lot of things you can do and do without me. There's a million things I can do and do alone. But the best you can do for yourself is sharing with that someone else. No one wants to be alone. It's the one thing that I know, It wasn't meant to feel like this, not without you. Cos when I look at my life, how the pieces fall into place, it just wouldn't rhyme without you When I see how my path seem to end up before your face, the state of my heart, the place where we are was written in the stars. Don't be afraid, I'll be right by your side, through the laughter and pain together we're bound to fly.

NEX with Besties yesterday shopping for my camera and some camp stuffs. After much consideration, I bought the Samsung ST600. Hope I won't regret! Anyway, I'll be away for overseas camp March from 7th - 11th so I won't be blogging for the time being. Formspring questions will be answered only when I'm back. Take care, everyone! xx

For all of my good intentions , heartfelt every one
I've left so much love unspoken , so much of life I've left undone
I could've made a difference , I just never made the time
Now yesterday's gone forever and today ain't far behind

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