Your first love will be the one you compare everyone else to because there is a part of them that will always be in you.

March 19, 2011

The bumps and scratches along the way give you texture. We call this texture: life. Life has taught me lots of things lessons never will.

Hi readers (if there's any left), HAHAHA. It has been so long since I last post! I miss ranting my thoughts and troubles here. Which also explains why I hadn't been here for so long. No troubles, no rants = no post! (: Hee. School's reopening this monday and I haven't done any of my homework. Yes, I'm so good at procrastination I can probably teach it. Ugh. Looking at the bright side, at least I've finished doing my SS project. Then again... Xueying was the one who did most of it.

Some pictures taken during the Secondary 3 Adventure Camp:

A random photo, but notice how the colour of my hair matches the colour of my eyes :P
I've learnt that happiness don't come knocking on yur doorsteps twice so don't take anything for granted. Never look back and regret because regretting is a appaling waste of energy and at one point, and everything I did was excatly everything I wanted to do. Life is still life. It's still tough, complicated, and more than a little messy, with lessons to be learned, mistakes to be made, triumphs and disappointments to be had, and not every day is meant to be a party.

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