If two people are fated to be with each other, nothing can separate them. No matter how tough the obstacles are, they will still get it through.

April 24, 2011

Don't make decisions when you're angry. Don't make promises when you're happy.

I need to keep my blog alive! I've been on twitter a lot recently and since I keep seeing people doing #100factsaboutme on twitter, I thought, why not do it on my blog instead? I've got no new pictures to post cause I just gotten a bad haircut and it's really ugly right now :/. So yeah, anyway, here goes!

1. My real full name isn't Regine Pek Yi Jing. I've always hated my name on my IC.
2. I like the colours pink and yellow.
3. When I'm alone, I think about stuffs a lot.
4. I can't stand it when it's too quiet.
5. I think smokers are not cool.
6. I talk almost all the time.
7. I like the number seven. I don't know why either.
8. I didn't like Justin Bieber at first, but I changed my mind after reading more about him.
9. My birthday's on the 2nd of January!
10. I love candid photos of myself.
11. I like guys with brown hair and brown eyes.
12. Birthdays have always meant a great deal to me.
13. I love the feeling I get after solving a Maths question.
14. I don't have any piercings, at all.
15. I get really random at times.
16. I might like the subject better if someone explain to me why must we study Geography.
17. I don't like being treated like a kid.
18. The only two people in my life that I trust completely are Jade and Zhenglei.
19. I'm seldom early when I'm meeting someone.
20. I like surprises, but hate being kept in suspense. Contradicting much.
21. I hate it when guys tell me thy're lonely. Like what the fuck do you expect me to do? -.-
22. I'm a perfectionist.
23. I appreciate long messages as they show that I'm mean something to the person who sent it.
24. I have low self-confidence. When someone tells me I'm ugly/fat, I genuinely believe them.
25. I avoid eye contacts unless I'm really comfortable with that person.
26. I really want an iPhone4 and iPod4 :(
27. I prefer Chinese songs over English songs.
28. Sometimes I feel that people takes advantage of the fact that I forgive and forget easily.
29. I self-taught myself to play the guitar and piano.
30. I have really short tempered and flare up easily.
31. Growing up is never easy. And I'm learning it right now.
32. I like eating sweet corns.
33. No matter how angry am I with someone, I can never reject their chocolates/sweets.
34. I have s scar on my knee from falling down while cycling when I was 7.
35. I like playing in the rain.
36. I prefer texts to calls as I don't like people to listen to what I'm saying.
37. I love it when a guy hugs me from the back.
38. I like Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
39. I brush my teeth in the showers.
40. My favourite fruit is strawberries.
41. My last message was from Zhenglei.
42. I've got a step sister named Yi Xin. Same father, different mother.
43. When I feel like shit, I really don't wanna talk to anyone.
44. I'm from Edgefield Primary School.
45. I've got natural brown hair but I dyed it brown again anyway, to make my friend jealous.
46. I regretted dyeing my hair.
47. I love Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.
48. I love these two books by Christina Kilbourne: They Call Me Red & Dear Jo.
49. I'm really sensitive at times.
50. I get jealous REAL easily.
51. I love metallic helium balloons.
52. Nobody ever celebrated my birthday with me before. Pathetic, but true.
53. I always get jealous when I read about my friends' awesome birthday celebrations.
54. I'm 154cm tall.
55. I like my height, even though I get called short a lot.
56. I wanna go overseas after O levels with my friends.
57. I used to cry a lot in front of people, but I don't anymore.
58. I find it hard to express my feelings sometimes.
59. I try to be positive, but I can't help feeling insecure at times.
60. I feel really blessed whenever I'm with my boyfriend.
61. I don't like sports.
62. My body is not flexible, and I can't do sit and reach well.
63. I love reading, and I read a lot.
64. I like neon colours :)
65. I understand but can't speak hokkien.
66. I used to score really well for my Chinese during primary school.
67. I can't stop eating at times!
68. I don't break my promises.
69. I hate it when I have to fight back my tears in front of many people.
70. I like soft toys.
71. I love Miss Bunny so so so much!
72. No matter what others say, I believe that love is forever.
73. Contrary to popular beliefs, I like camps! :D
74. I hate people who think just because they're older than me, they know more.
75. I believe that respect is a two way thing.
76. There are some people whom I wished to slap right now.
77. I like the number seventy seven as well! Double happiness! :P
78. I have internet curfew.
79. I can't use my lappy on weekdays, unless I don't have school the next day.
80. I've been told I give good advices.
81. I try to not judge people.
82. I learnt how to cycle when I was 7.
83. My parents divorced when I was 8.
84. Sometimes I think that to my mom, studies is the top priority.
85. House rules are pretty strict around my house.
86. I've never had my own room before.
87. I need around an hour to travel from home to school.
88. I don't like Chinese.
89. I have a younger brother named Eason.
90. I am named after a not very much known singer.
91. I lose my EZ-link cards easily.
92. I'm pretty much happy with my life right now.
93. I love watching Spongebob Squarepants.
94. I'm a very lazy person.
95. I like drinking Iced Milo Godzila.
96. I wanna go ice skating soon!
97. I like singing Friday - Rebecca Black every Friday to annoy people.
98. I sometimes feel that I'll never pass my O levels.
100. I love money $.$

Alright! I'm done. Enjoy reading! :)
Saying you'll never fall in love is like saying you'll never smile. No matter how hard you try, someone will come along and make you.

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