Do people really change over time or does time just give you more opportunity to see who they really are?

July 23, 2011

I have a scar that doesn't heal. I used to think it did, I was wrong.
I used to think I'm strong, I'm brave, I'm tough. But I'm not.
Till now, it haunts me.

I just smiled. Keep smiling. And keep smiling. Trying to cover whatever that's inside by smiling and here I am, I just keep smiling.
I have so many people telling me that they envy my life so much and I'm here wondering why.
What's so good about my life? I don't have a proper life.
Everything's been falling. All I have is myself to deal with all these on my own.

I smile. I'm still that girl whom everyone thinks I am. Yet I am not. No Longer.
And I'm not only getting older, I'm also getting worse at such things.

Sometimes you just have to grab opportunities that come your way.
I hate myself for not able to do something at my maximum level. I blame myself if I were to ever screw things up.
Because I just want to make full use of all the opportunities given. And I want to grow with it.
But chances are really rare these days. Where are they?

Sometimes I wish I slow things down and really think.
I wish I could make a decision without thinking of the future.
After all, who can predict the future?

Are we all really remember by a single lousy moment?
Remember, I didn't walk away. You did. So go. just walk.


In an effort to keep my blog alive, I'm gonna do this 30 days challenge. It's a challenge whereby I'll talk about different things each day like my first kiss, my goals, my nicknames and stuff like that. Do check back everyday for updates! ^-^

Day #1 - Introduction, a recent photo and 5 fun facts about yourself.

I'm Regine. I'm fifteen. I'm a weak girl. I cry easily. I like to move around. I cannot sit still. I fall sick easily. Whenever I feel unhappy, I'll rant on twitter. I keep quiet when I'm unhappy. I try to smile as much aas I can. I appreciates little gifts and long messages. I love surprises. I get touched easily. I don't smoke. I don't drink either. When someone calls me fat or ugly, I believe them. I wonder about things all the time. Like how things could have been different if I made a different decision. I'm awkward when I'm with people I'm not familiar with. I say and do things without thinking. I often regret my actions.

5 fun facts,
#1, I don't like talking on the phone. If I talk to you on the phone, you probably mean a lot to me.
#2, I have many crushes but I don't fall in love every time. When I do, I fall really hard.
#3, I believe that
sometimes, taking care of yourself can unfortunately be at the expense of someone else.
I want to love someone whose heart has been broken. So that he knows exactly how it feels and he won't break mine.
#5, My Facebook's language set in Pirates language. So my like button is 'Arrr!', my friends are called my mateys etc.

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