I don't have an attitude problem, you have a problem with my attitude. That's your problem, not mine.

September 25, 2011

Seems like there's always someone who disapproves.
They'll judge it like they know about me and you.
And the verdict comes from those with nothing else to do.
The jury's out, my choice is you.

I kinda miss my class last year. Everyone was so cooperative, united and hyper, unlike my class now. Sometimes I really get frustrated with the class. Nobody ever wants to take initiative. Take the I&E for example. They just wait for someone to come along and settle everything. I know I shouldn't be bitching about my class on my public blog but I really need to let this out. It's been almost a year and the class is still not bonded. How I wish we can successfully organize one outing or something. But.... Ugh.

Moving on, I've been pretty busy with school recently. I finally found the motivation to study but I guess it's a tad too late. I just hope that o can promote to Sec4 express even though it's difficult cos I failed badly for my MYE. Hopefully my graded assignments and all can pull up my overall marks. I wanted to blog on several occasions but there's just so much homework and so many topics to catch up with. I need to buck up!

You know, O levels seems so near yet so far. The thought of being a Sec4 next year and taking the O levels then eventually leaving the school really scares me a lot. It seems like just yesterday that I was taking the PSLE.

Anyway, occasionally, I get "questions" on my Formspring telling me that bby's not good enough for me. No one would understand, will they? I only show my most venerable side to my boyfriend. They don't know how I'm really like. I'll get frustrated sometimes and I'll punch him. Instead of saying that I'm unreasonable, he'll let me hit him till I've calmed down then try to talk to me. Sometimes, I cry for absolutely no reason at all but Bby's never fails to wipe my tears away and give me a big hug. He gives in to me when he knows that I'm unhappy. He's not good with words but he always sends me sweet long texts just to make me smile. He calls me in the middle of the day just to tell me he love me. My boyfriend chose to stand by me through everything, and I really love him for that.

Other than that, I will answer questions if I have the time. I promise I'll try my best to clear at least 50 after the EOY.

I've also received requests to blog about my parents' divorce as some readers are going through the same thing. This issue is still sensitive to me and I'm not ready to talk about it yet. All I can say is that my parents' divorce certainly affected me in a way. It took me quite a long time to start believing in love again, but I'm still cautious when it comes to relationships. I might talk about it someday, but not now.

On a side note, I was so worn out after the SS remedial yesterday, I slept at 6pm and woke up only at 11am today. Sighs. I need to study. Shall end off here. Below are some polariods taken during the I&E fair. It was hot and tiring, but we had fun anyway.

Here's the litmus test for cheating - if it will upset the other party when they find out, I think it's considered cheating. So if you have to hide it, you shouldn't do it.

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