The days feel like years when I'm alone.

October 24, 2011

Thank you dearest readers for the comments you left behind. I've read every one of them and I'll try to reply soon. I'm feeling slightly better. Just slightly. And I thought that I should update my blog a little today to let you guys know how I'm feeling. I really appreciate each and every one of your comments left. it's really incredible how people whom drifted away from me, start coming to me just as I reach a low point in my life. It makes me realise that I really have nothing worth mourning about.

I know very well that I am emotionally weak when it comes to handling relationship issues. I have trouble letting go.

I guess guys get sick of girls like me easily. At the end of the day, I think I'm just a typical girl who asks of typical things from my other half. Typical things that guys find typically annoying.

On a side note, I'm promoted to Secondary 4 Express next year! I'm really glad with my results this time round. I won't reveal too much but I passed Maths, Chinese, English and D&T. So yep! I'll be back soon with proper posts. xo

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