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December 22, 2011

It's just passed 7am (pardon me, I've never been good with all those half-past seven kind of shit) and I'm already up. Well, technically, I didn't sleep at all. So I thought, why not update my blog since I have nothing to do anyway. Funny how I only thought of updating today when I did almost nothing at all for the past few weeks. I went to the library, borrowed some books and... I just got hooked on and could not stop reading. Besides that, I met up with my baby and I cycled to East Coast Park just to take some photos.

I've been relying on my iPhone a lot now since I'm not planning to send my camera for repairing (it costs $230+ to repair) so I've been downloading lots of photography apps into my phone. My favourite app as of now is Instagram because it allows me to share my photos with other users and I get to edit my photos and stuff like that. Except that it crops my photo into a square and it bugs me a lot because I don't wanna post square photos on my blog. Yea, I know I sound like some bimbo right now but it really bugs me a lot. I was gonna post up some other photos but my stupid laptop decided to delete away EVERY SINGLE FILE in it so I'm left with practically nothing but those cropped square photos to upload -___- I guess it's better than nothing...

FaceTimed with baby last night:

I keep having people telling me to update my blog and trust me, I really wanted to. But the thought of my photos and videos disappearing really makes me want to cry :/. Oh well. That's all for my updates today! I'll update again pretty soon! Remember to send in your suggestions! X0X0

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