Just maybe... I can live like this.

February 06, 2012

A few days ago, I updated my Facebook profile to the new timeline which enables me to go through all statuses I ever posted and all posts that my friends left on my wall. So naturally, curiosity got the better of me as I began scrolling through the archives instead of revising for my upcoming test.

I chanced upon this post that a hi-bye friend left on my wall. I remember clearly it was during the time when everyone was doing the "Like this status and I'll......" Her status was, "Like this status and I'll tell you what I admire most about you." I liked that status and she posted on my wall (not her exact words but it's somewhere along the line), "I admire how you're strong and treat haters like they're just bees, buzzing around and never take real notice of them."

It made me think. Am I still that strong girl that I was two years ago? If not, what changed me? What has changed? I realized it's just a matter of my perspective. I'm really thankful for so so many valuable opportunities happening right now. I've missed out so much in the past. Now's the time to get right back on track. Now.

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