My best friend.

February 19, 2012

I fell in love with my best friend. That's the best thing that has ever happened to me.

We met all the way back when we were both in the same class in secondary one. I really cannot remember how did we started talking. He said it was because we were in the same group for some group work but I don't remember anything like that at all. But I remember we got along pretty well and I often confided in him.

Moving on my secondary two, we were still in the same class but we talked lesser as he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend at that time. We would still text each other occasionally, but no longer on a daily basis. At the ending of secondary two, we became really close again, all the way into our secondary three year, where we became together. We were more than best friends but less than a couple for like a month plus or so, I didn't blog about how we got together because our relationship/friendship was really rocky back then and I only wanted to blog if something comes out of it but I got lazy like always :S.

It was the third day of the Lunar New Year and a day before his birthday. We planned to go kite flying together, with a few of our mutual friends. I don't recall much of what happened that day except that we spent lots of time together. I remember us laying on the mat, watching the clouds and talking about anything under the sun. I miss that so much.

Anyway, at night, he gave me money and told me to cab back home as he was worried about me. It was a small, but sweet gesture. After we went separate ways, he went home and I went off with my best friends back then, he texted me and asked if I liked him or not. I kept putting him off because I didn't want to jeopardize that friendship that we had but he persisted and finally, at 12midnight on his birthday, I confessed that I liked him as well. So, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I agreed. This is the part where it gets really complicated.

I guess I was really hurt and scarred from my previous relationship. Up to that point, I still believed that nobody would truly love me because of my bitchfits. I wasn't confident at all that this would work out, and again, the risk of losing our friendship in the process was just too big and I know deep down that I would never ever want to lose him.

That night of his birthday, we agreed on just being best friends. So this is the part where we became more than best friends but less than a couple. During school hours, in between classes, we would always meet outside the toilet to exchange letters. Subsequently, our first hug and first kiss took place there as well.

Somewhere around mid-March, we went out together, just the both of us, for the first time and it was also during that weekend that he listed me as his wife on Facebook. Sidetrack a bit: He actually listed me as his wife instead of his girlfriend because we have this small soft toy keychain that we shared (it was actually his but he gave it to me during secondary two because I shamelessly begged for it).

He was the daddy and I was the mommy and we actually created a Facebook account for her! Back to the story. Because Facebook had this place where we could fill in our anniversary. I asked him what date should I put, and he said anything so I just left it as 14 Febuary 2011 since I like the number 14, hahaha! From then on, we celebrated all our monthsary on the 14th. And yes, it means that we've just passed the 1st year mark this Valentine's Day!

Meeting someone like ZhengLei was a miracle. He was always there for me to confide in. Sometimes I feel as though he's my guardian angel. I'm not even peeved as I normally would be cause I typed something as cliched as that. Now that's something. Another cliche thing I'm about to mention is that he teaches me how to let go, to be patient, to be humble, to have faith, and mostly, to love myself. This part's in present tense, because he never stops trying. I never thought I'd find anyone like that, in my life, ever. Now I feel truly blessed.

At least one part of my life's so much more bearable. It's always great to feel like you're not alone anymore.

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