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July 28, 2012

Hi guyssssssss! :D

I realised that I haven't updated with pictures for the longest time and I thought I should today, since I'm really bored and have nothing to do.

Mr Halim treated 4E5 McBreakfast on one morning before our coursework theory paper for MYE. He's really one of the best and nicest form teacher I ever had. Even though we may not be the best class whatsoever, he still put in so much of his efforts for our class. Yet, some people are just so unappreciative, to the extent of throwing away the food he bought for us with HIS OWN MONEY. Seriously guys, seriously? It's scary how some people change so much in a span of just two years. That aside, everyone was in high spirits that day, especially since the ending of the exams was near.

During the holidays, it was just DNT DNT and more DNT till the last week of holidays.
Managed to squeeze out a day with bby to go shopping! I was so frustrated that day because I missed out on the good food! We were supposed to go Xing Wang Cafe that day but I ate tako balls first and got too full. Then, I had Dunkin' Donuts and found out that there was food fair at Far east Plaza -.- Ater which, I had best Fries Forever, which I honestly thought was only average, and couldn't go to Cold Stone Creamery because the queue was too long by the time I got there :@ But bby treated me Ben & Jerry instead so I went home a happy girl anyway \^^/ I didn't bring my camera out so the following photos are from my phone or bby's phone.

Sheer top from Bugis Street 2nd floor ($12)
Black shorts from Bugis Street 2nd floor ($15)
Nude ribbon wedges from Bugis Street 3rd floor ($20)

And of course, I went out with bbyboy once we were freed from DNT! ❦ It was a crazy day and we went to so many places!

Owl crop top from an online reseller ($10)
Black shorts from Bugis Street 2nd floor ($15).

Bby wore his favourite shirt which I got for him online at only $10!

We went to Ashton @ The Cathay and it's my first time eating it! Both of us ordered Teriyaki chicken with onion rings. Their onion rings are sooooooo YUMZ. I managed to finish all of them, which is quite a feat as I seldom finish my food hahaha.

Walked to Far East Plaza after our lunch to get a bag for bby! We walked around but my precious boy didn't see anything he liked so I suggested going to Penisular and we went to Funan too, to check out some stuff for my camera. My picky boy didn't see anything that he liked again so we walked back to the MRT. On the way, he decided that he wanted to get the bag at FEP that I first suggested -__- So we went back to Orchard and got the bag. While walking back to the Orchard MRT, I decided that I wanted the same bag as well -___- x2. And yes, we walked back and I got the same bag, but in different colour. We were tired, but happy at the end of the day XD

Last Tuesday (16 July), my school celebrated Racial Harmony Day. We were in uniform before that as we all agreed to change only during recess.

Failed jumpshot LOL.

Then they had the prize presentation. Honestly, at this point, I was really nervous as stressed because I was so afraid that our efforts would have gone to waste. But......... *drum rolls* My class won first prize!!! We had 100% of the students + form teacher wearing ethic costume :D It was just such an awesome feeling of accomplishment :')

Alright, that's all for now! I'll update with more pictures soon.

Till then! xx

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