Sentosa Trip

August 03, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack guys! I'm trying to clear all of my backlogs so that I can post up new ones soon! Yes, I'm aware that I'm a lazy ass blogger but...... Oh well x: Blame it on my laptop! It's so ancient that I can't connect to the internet. -___- So I just keep on restarting it till it decides to cooperate with me. I guess it's kinda a good thing since it's not so much of a distraction anymore.

So anyway, on 22nd June, also the last Friday before the dreaded school reopening, Benji, Qixiang, Dion, Kaikiat, Alvin, our tuition teacher, bby and I went to Sentosa. Jingkai joined us at night. It was such a hot day and I was really grouchy till the early evening. I was guilty of shouting at my boy when he was trying to cheer me up :( Sidetracking a bit, bby is down with chicken pox! I'm so afraid that I'll get it too since we're almost always together PLUS I haven't had chicken pox yet (from young, I mean). :s Pray hard for me!!!

Self-cut muscle tank from online reseller ($4)
Black shorts from Bugis Street 2nd floor ($15)
White slippers from Rubi ($2)
And yessssssss, I love my black shorts a lot, so much that it's almost the only shorts I ever wear LOL.

Hahaha, my boy looks so tiny and grumpy here. ♥.♥

Asian smiley: -__- HAHAHAHA.

......yup, I was tip-toeing......

We went to some Malaysia street themed food court near USS for dinner. Bby and I shared the claypot rice which I have been craving for for the longest time! ^~^ it wasn't exceptionally nice but at least it satisfied my craving.

Me being grumpy because my claypot rice took so long :(

Went to the outside of USS after dinner. Two years ago, I went there too. I haven't upgrade and go in yet TT^TT

The couple bag that we got as mentioned in my previous post. SWAGGY.

"Oh look! We are all in USS already!"

Ice cream treat to end off that day! ^^

That's all guys! Meanwhile, I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrow because.................

Keep checking back, guys! I'll update again real soon. X0X0

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