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August 08, 2012

I was given tickets to attend the last rehearsal for NDP 2012 and I was really hyped up about it! I headed for tuition in the afternoon before meeting my brother at Serangoon and taking the MRT to our destination. I was really confused about which MRT station to alight as my tuition teacher told me there's a few entrances. We ended up following a family that's wearing red, hoping that they would be going to the NDP as well. Like every other freebies in Singapore, we had to queue up for the funpack. The queue was very long but totally worth it!

We were late so by the time we went in, we only got the seats at the side :( Once we settled down, I started digging into my funpack!

Nothing cute or special this year :(

My funpack design! :D

Wore the headband in case I'm not red enough x:

This torchlight was so bright, I used it to find my things in the funpack the whole night.

Chiffon top from Bugis Street 2nd floor ($15)
Black shorts from Bugis Street 2nd floor ($15) (Yes, it's the same shorts from the previous few posts. I really love it a lot a lot a lot.)
Red Toms inspired shoes from Bugis Street 2nd floor ($18)
I stuffed my swag bag into the funpack hahaha.

Cute bunny ring from NEX ($2.90)
Sillybandz from Comics Connection (got it a few years back, can't remember the price now)

I love my funpack!

Anyway, I started this post at around 7pm and it's already 12:30am by the time I finished! It goes to show how much effort I put into each and every of my post. I'm not complaining because I really love to write down my thoughts in this little space of mine, but I really do hope that you all understand and stop rushing me. I'll try my best to post every now and then. :)

That's all for today! I'll post about the school's celebration some other day. Ending off with 2 GIFs of the fireworks!


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