Imagine this.

November 28, 2012

Imagine meeting someone whom you never knew would mean so much to you. Talking to them everyday, looking forward to the texts they would send you. A good morning text, a good night text. Every single time you're feeling down, they're the first person to cheer you up. Instantly. The person who can truly make you smile, without even trying. The one you look forward to seeing everyday, talking to every morning, till late at night. The one that truly makes you happy. The trust you have for them is so strong.

Then your feelings start to kick in. You start to fall for them. You fall for them real hard, even though you know you shouldn't because it wouldn't end up well. You confess that you have feelings for them. They end up feeling the same way. As time passes by, you end up together. You tell them you love them, and they say they love you back. You start to hang out with them a lot more and you fall for them more and more each day. Nothing could be more perfect. The one that you've always wanted is yours.

But one day, it all disappears. Everything starts to fall apart. They no longer love you, they no longer have feelings for you. You mean nothing to them anymore. Everything that you ever shared, they're now gone. Everything that they said to you was a lie. You've lost not only a lover, but also a best friend.

It hurts, doesn't it?

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