November 04, 2012

The war has finally ended and I am out alive and well. I’m glad that I’m free once again because I can now use the Internet without feeling guilty (um, yes, it means I’ve been using my laptop and the guilt didn’t stop me). I don’t know if I’m just tired or already am growing into an old woman because all I wanted to do after my papers was to rush home to sleep instead of partying.

It feels weird though, because I’m the only one who ended so early (since I dropped Science) and everyone else is still having examinations so I can’t disturb them :(. Also, I’m worried about the boyfriend’s POA examinations this coming Monday but I believe that he has the ability to do well.

The other day, the boyfriend came all the way to Marine Parade to deliver my DNT textbook to me because I left it at his house last year (yes, I survived a whole year without textbook - don’t ask how). As usual, I was really touched by this small gesture. We went for dinner together and we had so much fun just talking about things not related to studies. It has been a while since I had so much fun with him because the only time we ever meet for the past few weeks, or even months, are during tuition or on examinations date. I really miss the feeling of not having to worry about anything in the world so much. I hope the boyfriend’s exams end soon so that we can go watch a movie together!

Anyway, I’m really excited for the upcoming week! For one, the boyfriend’s exams are finally ending. But most importantly, I’m going to bleach + dip-dye my hair pink(!!!) with Chrislyn, and do some catching up with her! It has been a long while, almost two years, since we last hung out. I’m definitely going to post pictures of my pink hair, so stay tuned!

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