Ribena... Or Grape Jam? // Snip Avenue (Hougang) Review

November 06, 2012

I went to bleach + dye my hair today with my tiongxim, Chrislyn! :D It has been almost two years since we last went out together and I had a great time catching up with her! This not an advertorial and I am not sponsored. I dyed my hair at Snip Avenue (Hougang branch) and it was done by Janet. They did not have pink dye so with Janet's recommendation, I chose purple instead.

My bleach being mixed!

Bleaching in progress...

My hair felt rather heavy when they put the cling wrap on my hair O_o

My pretty tiongxim!

After bleaching, it was a super ugly yellow/copper tone. Ew!

After drying, it's time to put on the purple dye and let it set in! I think it was at this time when this weird ass guy came and try to chat with me. I don't know why but he gave me the creeps O_O He also volunteered to bring Chrislyn and me to the bus stop after I'm done with my hair. ._.

"OMG, it's purple!!!"

It's not very obvious now but after a few washes, it will become more obvious! ^-^

How my hair looks like with flash! I called it the Ribena colour! Well, it looks like grape jam too... Maybe I'll call it grape jam instead coz it sounds tasty! And yes, this explains my weird post title :x

HAHAHA, Chrislyn is a monsterrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Both our faces in this photo = HAHAHAHAHA.

OOTD/WIWT. Dressed down because I knew that I was going to spend a long period of time in the saloon! And indeed, I spent 3 hours in a saloon O.O

That's all for now! Till the next time,  X0X0.

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