True happiness

December 18, 2013

We spend our whole lives pursuing happiness. Maybe it's because of the fairytales we read when we were younger. They all lived happily ever after, didn't they? 

And so, we fall in love over and over again in hopes of finding the right one that will bring us a lifetime of happiness. We study hard so that we can have a higher chance of securing a better job in the future and thus, living a happier life.

But these aren't happiness. 

There's no amount of money, no amount of achievements, no amount of Twitter or Instagram followers, no amount of scholarships you win that will eventually bring you ultimate happiness.

True happiness is when you focus on the little things around you; when you enjoy the simple daily experiences life brings you.

Even if it means letting go of the other things.

And I will let you go,
if it means you will be happier.

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