Everyone leaves.

December 12, 2013

I guess I've grown to learn that everyone leaves someday. I don't mean to sound like a bitter teenager but the truth is, as you grow up, your circle of friends will inevitably become smaller. I no longer wish to please everybody, or get to know more people, because the people I have in my life is enough. It scares me how everything is changing everyday, sometimes so gradually that even I myself do not notice it.

Today, I visited your Facebook page again for the first time in years because we don't even bother wishing each other a simple "happy birthday" anymore. A wave of nostalgia hit me hard. When was the last time we met each other? I don't know if you remember but it was three years ago, right after my end-of-year examinations. We had so much fun then, even though we were only camwhoring and gossiping, even though we had nowhere to go and were only sitting down at a random corner in Compass Point.

How are you? Are you doing fine? I realised I don't have the answers to these questions so I visited your blog, and I don't remember when was the last time I did that. Well, it's nice to know that you've been doing great, that you're enjoying school and loving what you're doing. Then it dawned upon me that I don't even know what course are you in right now. And I had to ask a friend to know what school you're in right now. Kinda pathetic, isn't it?

Do you still think of me and reminiscence about our friendship as much as I do? Because whenever I talk about my primary or secondary school life, you're one of the first few faces that appear in my mind.

You were my first best friend in primary school and the only one I still met up frequently with after graduation. My first sleep over was at your house, where we had so much fun together. I was there when you had your first boyfriend and your first heartbreak. And you were here when I went through mine. Who would have thought we would end up not talking for no rhyme or reason at all?

Who would have thought that one day, you just decided to walk out of my life without any last words? I wouldn't have thought so. But you did. One day, you just decided that I was no longer needed in your life. Poof, and off you go, leaving no trace our past friendship. What happened?

I tried. I tried to reconnect with you, I tried to meet up with you, I tried to accommodate to your schedule; I even gave up several gatherings for the chance of catching up with you. But you played me out.

You treated me like a fool. You really did. And I was a fool to have believed you.

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